McLarens Falls, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

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McLarens Falls is a long standing dam & nature reserve frequented by locals looking for a swim or a place to pitch a tent. Recently, due to agricultural run-off, pollution levels have made it unsafe for swimming.

This was my favorite swimming spot as a kid, jumping off that bridge into the water below. I enjoy being in the nature, listening to the Earth. Nothing humbles you more than being in touch with life itself.

📷 Elena Getzels

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Thank you for this nice article. Bay of Plenty is remembering me on my travels through NZ. Great country with very nice people. Resteemed.

jumping off that bridge into the water below. I enjoy being in the nature

Man, I think I'm going cliff jumping tomorrow! Thanks for sharing!

If it weren't winter here, I'd be doing the exact same thing!

Hope you're well brother 😄

I'm assuming the water is deep enough, I'm used to jumping into ocean, so that looks so frighteningly tiny XD


haha yes, it's extremely deep. I took this photo in a hurry so it doesn't the scale of this place is deceiving. The bridge is 9 ft above the water and there's a hole directly below it where the water is 7 ft deep.

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