Travels Through Morocco - Atlas Mountains, Part One

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Nothing like the fresh, invigorating air of the Atlas Mountains

After 3 days in Marrakech, we felt it was high time to get out of the intense, sticky heat of the city and drive south to the famed Atlas Mountains. Not even a few minutes outside the heart of the city, you begin to see the looming presence of the Atlas Mountain range, stretching seemingly forever into the horizon (as you can see from my photo below!). As we drove closer, the mountains got more and more dominating, until we stumbled upon some Berber villages dotted at the base of the mountain range.

One of the villages we stumbled upon was a village called Ourika, about 2km from the mountain (again pictured below). Here they create one of Morocco's most famous exports: Argan Oil. Extracted as an oil from the argan tree, its an oil that is used locally for cooking, but is exported to other countries due to its famed cosmetic properties. Its very sought after, and because of this a lot of fakes are made and sold in cities like Marrakech and Fes where they use other inferior oils such as sunflower or olive oil.

Hence it was nice to travel to the source where it is made purely and naturally, and see how it is done for myself. In fact, I was lucky enough to have a photo with some of the hard-working people who make this product from scratch!

If you do get a chance, try to visit this wonderful place. It's a nice break from the hustle and bustle of Marrakech (and is a bit cooler too!). Stay tuned for the next post where we climb up the mountains to find waterfalls, ravines, rivers and impressive peaks!

The Atlas Mountains, Morocco






🌏 | Atlas Mountains, Morocco
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Over the next few weeks I'll be trekking through Morocco and I'll be share with you my thoughts, feelings, tips and warnings about visiting each place along the way. Being a photographer, I will be doing this while sharing my photos with all of you too! I sincerely hope you all enjoy.

Please do follow if you want to keep up with my travel through this country <3

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Oh damn nice!! Thanks for the shout I truly appreciate it :D

I'be been to the top of Morocco twice for a short time but want to go back again soon for an extended trip. As an older traveller I'm not sure what would be best for getting around, maybe a motorbike and stay in hostels...

Thats awesome! By top of Morocco you mean Tangier? I would stay hostels are fine. Most hostel goers in Africa are more mature than Asian/European hostel mates. You'll love it either way.

Thanks; I'll be going just as son as crypto goes right up and I can cash out, get a camera and a motorbike and go

Me too, really waiting for that boom. And to retire soon and open my own hostel

I lived a couple of years in Thailand before they changed the visa rules and found people are opening hostels there all over the place

Ah thats a shame. I think people do try and get around the regulation. Luckily I have a dual British-Filipino passport so a hostel on a Philippine island is the dream! Where did you live in Thailand?

I spent a year travelling all over and almost all of the islands; then I got married and spent a year in east Thailand; then a couple of years in Chiang Mai which I really liked and would be there still of they hadn't changed the visa rules. If I had lots of money I could still get a visa, but I don't have that kind of money right now...

Chiang Mai is stunning, I really envy that you were able to live there for a couple of years and I sincerely hope you find a way of living there again, bud.

còn tôi ước được một lần đến đó mà không có được, chất đến chết luôn vận chưa đến được

Một ngày bạn sẽ trước khi cơ thể chết

Welcome to Morocco

Welcome to Morocco


Such breathtaking and such magnificent captures. You really got great photography skills. Interesting content, one amazing post. Pic 1 is my super favorite, larger than life.

Pic 1 is my fave too, hence why I chose it :P

lovely pix

that's a beautiful backyard

The Berbers who live here are very lucky indeed.

Ahh these mountains seems to be gud

This is breathtaking Africa is beautiful with beautiful places

Africa really is gorgeous. Very different from Asia and Europe in terms of culture and people but beautiful nonetheless.

all very beautiful some impressive photos all spectacular good work with the photos
a great greeting

Owo .....
Love this place . i want to go there . really beautiful

Its gorgeous here it really is.

Hi! Beautifull post, cool!

Thanks @yuneisty. Random follow for you!

i like the way you did your work
simply amazing
greenery at it best!!

Makes a difference to all the orange sand thats for sure!

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What a great travel blog and you have taken some stunning photos. i hope to visit Morocco one day also

You're too kind, thank you.

Such a beautiful photo that one And where is this plase located can you tell in brief.

Atlas Mountains, south of Marrakech in Morocco.

So cool to read this ! I was there 2 years ago and this post really takes me back ! This tempts to produce my own post from my own experience in Morocco! Looks like you had much fun ! :)

Absolutely! Experiences don't just have to be distant memories, you can bring them alive again by sharing them with people right?

Natural beauty always attract human being and every people love to lost in beauty of nature.

Yes, great to lose yourself in the nature.

Never forget this type of experience @seetheworld.sgp

I want to visit this place soon. Thanks for your suggestion :)

You're welcome, hope you enjoy it!

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Beautiful place to be, amazing images 🏞🏝🏔

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It seems like you must had great fun out there. moreover the pictures are adorable. and you got amazing photography skills too

Appreciated bud. Yours too!

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Hi @seetheworld.sgp Morocco seem to be nice place to visit. All the photos you shared over here are very good. Looking forward to see more photos from you and of curse tips too.

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Thank you very much. Expect more to come!

Those picture look amazing enjoy your time in Morocco.

Much appreciated @skyr0ck3t, thanks for your kind words.

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Such a lovely place and I love mountains, thank you for sharing it!

Glad you liked it friend!


It's such a beautiful place.....

Get to visit some time!

these are good photos

wow....nice natural...I love this....Really you are great!!.... thanks a lot

صور رائعه واماكن خلابه .. احسنت
اتابعك تابعني لو تكرمت

thank you so much.I loved your content.

Is not cold there? The view looks amazing. Refreshing

Honestly I thought it would be. But it was blisteringly hot. Refreshing though!

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I upvoted u plz up vote my post...

The location is to osm.

soo destressing

Why is this distressing? :p

Te recomiendo un lugar unico! ARGENTINA, donde los politcos se queda con la plta de la gente, sabes como lo hacen? Los llaman para que se presente y les empizan a sacar de apoquito toda la plata de sus bolsillos! XD

It's been months I'm seeing ads for Argan oil. Didn't know it's from a tree and didn't know its cosmetic properties are real, thought it's just some commercial stuff.
Thanks for introducing Morocco this good.
Good luck and write more.

Glad you learned something from my blogs. Hope you enjoyed bud

This is one place I must take in!!!

"take in" as in "visit"?

Yeah absolutely take it in :D

Amazing place for sure :D

Excelente vista de áfrica y de Marruecos, ademas me parece genial la forma en que indagas mas allá buscando el origen de las cosas.

Need to translate this I think :D

Morroco is a beautiful country. I wish I could visit it one day.

Awesome place. want to go this place with my wife.

It's very romantic here, I think you'd enjoy it!

If possible please upvote or promote me steemit posts...


Wow, sounds cool... looking forward to that...

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Always wanted to visit Morocco. Great photos and great post. Thanks for sharing! :)

Many thanks, I appreciate the kind words :) Go visit if you get the chance!

Great images and a cracking article, I am jealous! Morocco is one of the places I really want to go to some day. Looking forward to seeing the results of the rest of your trip :)

And I look forward to sharing them with you too :)

The sceenary looks very beautiful and all the photos are very beautiful. I wish I could visit this place , thank you for this pics
Upvote my comments and reply

When I think of Morocco I usually think of those pictures in yellow-ish tones and not this much green with Atlas Mountain! I really want to visit Morocco someday and your post just made me want to do it as soon as possible. Will be looking forward to seeing more of your posts!

Agreed, most people think of the yellow mudstone huts and buildings but actually there's so much greenery to be seen around Morocco. The Kif mountains are on the list which are another source of greenery! Stay tuned :)

So beautiful you are best photographer amazing. Nice pictures i like it very much
Nice to meet you ! I am colorme from VietNam. I am new on Steemit.
I want to share with you about "Short space of time to Phú Yên in Vietnam"

Great travelogue and photo essay.

Very good description of your tour with beautiful pictures .thanks sharing your visit.

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Brilliant Images captured buddy! this blog added another thing in my to do list for this year. Beautiful Morocco <3

All pictures are awesome that you taken

More to come toooo

Very beautiful scenery, I love mountains with a beautiful view and being out in nature is always nice.

Its gorgeous isnt it? Wish I could've stayed forever.

Wow, those are some beautiful images. I hope your trip stays safe and that you enjoy your time very much. I hope to someday travel as you are.

Thanks man, I'll try to enjoy and I'll keep you guys posted!

Wow, those are some beautiful images. I hope your trip stays safe and that you enjoy your time very much. I hope to someday travel as you are.

Wow, those are some beautiful images. I hope your trip stays safe and that you enjoy your time very much. I hope to someday travel as you are.

deberias de visitar algunas de las cumbres de venezuela como pico pan de azucar o pico naiguata sus paisajes son muy hermosos.

You should visit some of the summits of Venezuela such as pico pan de azúcar or pico naiguata, its landscapes are very beautiful.

Oc music.

Thanks for the tip, I will :D

From a fellow world traveler, love your adventures!

Keep on travelling friend, hope you enjoy your travels too!

WOW this look amazing. Great post

Africa is beautiful😍

It really is :)

Jeeeeeez! This photography is excellent.
I love the topography of this place.
Your post is so nice, I upvoted and followed you.

Thank you for this 😊

Thank you for this 😊

And thank you for commenting :)

ohhh great view there

Beautiful, ain't it?

So lovely place...!

Hi.. nice photos ... I wish I will go some day at this place

I hope you go some day too :)

Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

Eden tastes great.

Nice to meet you ! I am colorme from VietNam. I am new on Steemit.
I want to share with you about "Short space of time to Phú Yên in Vietnam"

Lovely blog post, I’ve been fortunate to visit the Atlas Mountains in Tunisia which was an exhilarating experience, Morocco is on my bucket list, so will enjoy the rest of your blog. Thank you for sharing. Fabulous photies.

Ooo Tunisia, how pretty was it there? I'll have to put it down on my list!

WOW I would love to trek this part of Morocco. I've only been one to the northern part of Morocco but this just looks incredible. I love taking photos of landscapes too.

Definitely recommend it if you get the chance :) Where abouts in northern Morocco did you go, Tangier etc?

@seetheworld.sgp awsome location i liked very much this place ,
please tell which place is this? i want go for vacation.

Its in Atlas Mountains, Morocco. South of Marrakech.

thanks for the informing.

Wow, you're photography skills are really good. Furthermore, you're happiness on the photos is extraordinary. Next year I planed a vacation on my own to an other country, but I can't decide between Australia and Morocco. Do you recommend Morocco for travellers who are alone and young?

Hmm alone maybe not. I went alone and there were some sketchy moments but as long as you don't explore at night and keep you wits about you, you'll be fine :)

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Travel is very important to refreshing the static life, nice pics and wonderful place👍

You have a great talent for capturing pictures Sir. Thank you for sharing.
I've been in this region recently too and it's really worth visiting.
I'm glad you're enjoying your stay here.
Looking forward to meeting you one day.

How did you find the region, did you go to Marrakesh too? Enjoy the rest of your trip!

I'm actually from Morocco, so I might say that I know the Marrakesh region like the back of my hand.
Enjoy your trip, and if you need help, give me a shout ;)

Morrocco is deffinitly on my bucket list. It would be great when you finish the journey to make post with tips for travelling to Morrocco: what to eat, public transport, getting around and similar stuff

Absolutely, that's going to be coming :)

Wow this is great and amazing experience!