The Philippines - The Islands of Coron, Chapter Three

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"Coron is a whole new level of unique beauty. "    

「  The Islands of Coron, The Philippines  」

C H A P T E R   T H R E E

Coron, The Philippines
Monday, 1 October 2018

I'm back online! First of all, apologies for the delayed blog. One of the disadvantages if staying in hostels is the lack of reliable Internet. Because the quality of the photographs is rather high (up to 10mb, sometimes more!), uploading is an extreme pain that can sometimes take hours. However I don't want to skimp on quality for you guys so I'd rather wait and upload high quality content for you all here!

Anyway, onwards to the final part of our island tour of Coron. We finished our lunch and made our way to the world-famous Twin Lagoons. These two lagoons are situated directly next to each other, fortified by large pillars of rock that surrounds its edges. The boat stopped at the southern lagoon where it was shallow. What befell our eyes was a stunning, shimmering sea of turquoise, with the white sand acting as a backdrop emphasising the blue of the sky reflecting upon the sea. As my friends kayaked towards the other lagoon, I decided to send my drone up from the boat. From 200 metres high, the twin lagoons beauty was emphasised even more, with both lagoons in plain sight and the boats darting around like small insects within the lagoon. From here, I jumped onto my kayak and paddled to my friends who were ahead. There was a small rock entrance between the two lagoons, no more than three kayaks wide and requiring you to duck. The other side was just as mesmering!

Twin lagoons from the sky

We kayaked for a while and cambered back onto the boat, satisfied with the photographs I was able to take. The next destination was the underwater wreckage dubbed the Skeleton Wreck, which was an old ship that was sunk in the shallow waters near Coron during World War Two. Thankfully even from snorkeling at the surface, the wreckage was in clear view, with the more experienced free divers able to dive all the way to the ship itself. The boat was surrounded by hundreds of tropical fish that didn't seem at all bothered by the tourists that swam around the wreck. Luckily the combination of my GoPro and drone gave some stunning shots of the surrounding area, emphasising the striking peaks of the nearby islands and moreso the vivid blueness of the sea.

Me flying my drone from the boat!

The Skeleton Wreck with our Filipino diver-guide

Our last destination of the island hopping tour was to Lake Kayangan which features in many of the photos when you search for 'Coron' on the Internet. Because the pier was so high, our boat crew had to kneel down and allowed us to step on their backs to reach the pier safely. To reach, Lake Kayangan, we had to trek up about 150 steps over the peak and climb back down. At the top of the peak however is the perfect Coron picture. With the foliage in the foreground, you get the opportunity to capture the striking rock peaks of the islands, surrounding the shimmering turquoise sea and if you're lucky, the boats coming in and out of the lagoon. As you can see, the resultant picture is simply... Perfect.

The beautiful view from the climb to Lake Kayangan

The lake itself is striking, and because we arrived so late in the afternoon, it was pleasantly peaceful and calm. We swam for a bit here (but not far away as we were told that large baraccudas live in the lake!!). Finally, we climbed back over the peak (taking about 20 minutes) and arrived at our boat, which took us back to the town or Coron during sunset.

It was a perfect trip, and for the price, very well worth it too. Our tour was the Ultimate Tour B package and only cost us 1400 Philippine Pesos (about £20 or $24). I fully recommend it if you get the chance. It includes lunch, pickup and a guide!

In any case, stay tuned for our land tour of Coron. Me and my companion teared up the island on bikes, exploring the small details that the island had to offer! Blog to come in a few days now I have Internet access!! And as always, much love, all.

The view of the start of the climb towards the lake

F I N A L  P H O T O G R A P H S
The Islands of Coron, The Philippines

🌏 | Coron, The Philippines
📷 | Canon PowerShot SX730 HS/DJI Spark
🎨 | Lightroom Mobile edits used

Over the next few weeks I'll be trekking through The Philippines and I'll be sharing with you my stories, emotions, advice and tips about this wonderful place. I will be doing this while sharing my photographs with all of you too. I sincerely hope this inspires you to go out there and travel!

Please do follow if you want to keep up with my journey through this country <3

Any upvotes or reblogs are hugely appreciated! Much love, everybody.

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Click on the photograph in case you missed the last adventure...

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This are breathtaking.

Thanks <3

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so beautiful nature

It is indeed.

Posted using Partiko Android

Beautiful photos!!

Thanks so much @amzar123, truly appreciated! <3

Wow, mountainous islands and clear blue waters. This definitely looks like a tropical paradise.

It really is! Didn't think it could be topped until I got to Siargao Island though...

Absolutely mesmerising. Coron seems to be an amazingly beautiful place and your photographs do it justice, truly a wonderous place.

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Thanks so much for the kind words. Coron is truly a work of art and worth a visit!

Looking forward eagerly to you sharing your stories and photographs regarding the rest of your trek. Wish you well

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And I look forward to sharing them with you all too. Good to have you on this trip!

Beautiful photograph! Happy Monday.

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Thanks so much, happy Monday to yourself too!

iceland look all time cooler beauty as there occasion

I'll have to give Iceland a visit soon then!

Coron is indeed very beautiful. But, it is kinda touristy. Have you also been in Tablas Island?

Actually no I've never heard of it... will give it a google. And agreed with the touristy part, should settle down once Boracay is opened!

I have been there. It is awesome for a few days /midweek and not touristy at all(if you like an adventure). Its next to Romblon! Just between Manilla and Borocay/Cebu.

They are really beautiful

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Thanks so much <3

WOW, very nice islands!
Man I need to go to the Philippines, ASAP

Just you wait til I start putting up my blogs about Siargao, that island is out of this world!!!. Let me know if you do go, happy to give tips!

I cant imagine a island that is nicer than that one.
cant wait to see that

It's coming after Coron :)

What an absolutely beautiful spot! That water is so clear...and I bet it was warm, too! I'd love to visit there some the meantime, I'll live vicariously through you. And I'm a whiskey drinker, too! Thanks for sharing this!

It was like swimming in a bath honestly, so so warm! Hope you get a chance to visit and when you do, throw me a message and I'll be happy to give advice! :)

Awesome. I surely will! Be good to know the inside scoop!

Oh my God! Beautiful photos! Congratulations!

Magical pictures! Nature always renew the spirit

Indeed it does, thanks for your comment!

excellent pictures .. an amazing adventure for what I see in the images .. thanks for sharing. I am a fan of oceanic photography and the different shades of blue are really beautiful

Glad to hear it. There ain't a better country really that'll give you more different shades of blues than the Philippines!

the nature is awesome, beautiful photos :)

Nature really is awesome! Thanks for your kind comments @cityofstars :)

anytime :)

Very beautiful place. I'm surprised by the sharpness of the photos, excellent work.


My latest post about photography

Thanks very much. I'm surprised a little drone like that can take such slick photos too!

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the place is amazing, congratulations for the post

Thanks very much <3

Those waters leave me breathless. I am impressed by the amount of photos and the quality of these, that honor the place. I love reading about your trips, it makes me feel like I was the one who touched the water and traveled by bicycle on the island. Thanks for sharing.

Aww thanks that truly means a lot to me. Its why I make these posts, to hopefully spur those who can to make the same trip I did and share the experiences 😊

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What a beauty ! you are not delayed now

It really is 😊

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I can't get over the beauty and natural splendour of the Philippines. I can't wait to share it with my mum on her visit next year. I love this country.

Amazing that you get to take your mum there! What a place to take her. Do you know where you're going to visit?

Posted using Partiko Android

Well I live in Cebu and am moving to Lapu-Lapu this month so we will start there. I will take to all my favourites first including Bantayan, Siargao and Bohol. She is going to love this place.

Sounds perfect. Enjoy your trip and take care!!

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Through your blog , I can see the The Islands of Coron, which is in Philippines, your pictures are lovely and i am very glad to see it.

Glad you enjoyed :)

These photos are incredible!!! What a magical place, it looks like a tropical paradise haha :)

Thanks so much!! Yeah its an absolute tropical heaven honestly. Have you ever been to Asia before?

Not yet! but hopefully very soon haha we really want to go to japan!

Amazing Philippines, always in my bucket list but still didn't have a chance to be there.

No surprise that its on your bucket list, hope you get to visit real soon!

There is so many beautiful places in the philippines that is under rated places that are not giving a proper advertisement to promote. But in this article you gave ph the chance to be seen by the others.

awesome photos thanks for sharing

Thanks for stopping by, you're welcome :)

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Interesting, an NGO operating on Steem. Keep fighting the good fight.

Hard to trust anything nowadays so I hope its a true NGO!

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I'll have a read, thanks.

Very beautiful nature.

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Very Beautiful and a nice post.

Thanks so much!

Most Welcome..
Please look over my post, I don't get upvote, whats wrong with them?

I loved the photographs they are literally adorable moreover the description made it more meaningful. and my favorite one is that of many tiny fishes.

Glad you enjoyed the photos, friend!

esa playa se ve demasiado perfecta pura sinergia y buenas vibras

looks very beautiful from SKY. I will visit this place once a life.

It does, most things look more epic from the sky!

Beautiful photos, you made them come the urge to embark on a trip there

Posted using Partiko Android

Glad to have spurred you on to go!


Its amazing how warm it is too!!

beautiful scene. your photography is professional. nice work. keep it up bro

Really appreciate the kind comments. Thanks so much, glad you enjoyed!

Wow! Really cool photos. Palawan is really one of my future travel goals. Thank you for sharing! =)

Hope you get to go there soon! Are you from the Philippines then? So many islands to explore!

Yes born and raised in Philippines =) I agree so many islands to explore.

Very beautiful Island. I fall in love with this place, wish I can visit soon. Looks very scenic place and definitely like to kayak here.

Hope you get to kayak on there soon too!

OMG! the most beautiful place in the entire world!

It probably is :P

heavy nice pic

What do you mean by "heavy"?

Probably something like very haha

really looking good in pictures , i would like to visit this island

Glad you liked the photographs, hope you get a chance to visit soon!

Really cool pics. Some of them taken from the top view using Drone are fantastic. Would like to visit Philippines once after seeing your pictures.

Thanks so much! Enjoy your visit there!

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