Quality Fractals made by Morning Dew

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Dear Steemitfriends!
There is a building boom going on in Gothenburg. It seems that anyone with money can get the permission to build and tear down what has been standing there from long time before! It is impossible to travel through the city without beeing hampered by big holes in the street and beeing forced to take another way. The whole city is perforated by holes! We are awaiting new scyescrapers and an underground railway called the "Westlink". We have to pay for it by our taxes and before we can get the joy of using it many of us will be dead! Because the timetable never matches these projects but the holes in the street are probably filled with water today because of the heavy rain showers that fell in the night and during the morning hours! See You soon!

Here is another fractal for you to enjoy, with another kind of hole!

BLACK HOLE made by Morning Dew
14 mars 2018black hole for steven hawking.png
all rights reserved @see5staar


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