FLYING WITHOUT LUGGAGE | Traveling With no Luggage #SebCam #74

in travel •  18 days ago

I step on the plane, I step off the plane. I don't beep int he metal detector, so I don't get microwaved. And I don't check any luggage in coz I can't be arsed with the hassle. I have figured out a way to bypass all the hand baggage rules and luggage check-ins. WEAR EVERYTHING. Once you step on the plane, you can remove your 4 tshirts, 2 hoodies and the jacket stuffed full of books and toiletries.

These techniques are useless if you're late to the airport because you're stuck on a roof!! It's the Spanish version of the Hangover movie, featuring SebCam! Full video coming soon.....

SebCam has gone HD, with no editing, uploading from my pocket!! Daily vlogs are back!


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FLYING WITHOUT LUGGAGE | Traveling With no Luggage #SebCam #74

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