Vietnam Adventure - Hanoi to Lao Cai - Part 2

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Hanoi to Lao Cai

After spending some time in Hanoi and visiting the wonderful sights in that city, we headed to the mountainous region of Sapa. To get there we needed to catch the overnight train to Lao Cai on the Chinese border.

The overnight train was an awesome experience. We boarded just after dusk on New Years Eve and then proceeded to collect as much alcohol as we could from the vendors on the platform. As they were throwing the cold cans of beer in through the train carriage window the train jerked away from the station. It was at that point we realised that we hadn't paid for the beer so started flinging notes and coins out the window and watched as it scattered all over the platform at the station.

We drank merrily into the night, partly to celebrate NYE and partly to numb the pain of the inevitable sleeper carriage beds which were way too short for my 6ft+ frame.

Vietnam 2008-09 (277).JPG

Vietnam 2008-09 (269).JPG

Vietnam 2008-09 (270).JPG

Our tour guide told us to lock our doors once we finally settled down to sleep and to not answer them for anyone!

Toilets were located at either end of the sleeper carriage with one being a drop straight onto the tracks below.

Finally, after a night of frivolity and a little bit of sleep, we arrived at our destination Lao Cai...

Vietnam 2008-09 (278).JPG

It was times for breakfast before the windy bus ride up the mountain to Sapa. I had Pho every chance I had, and breakfast after a night of boozing and riding a train seemed like the perfect time for a Vietnamese soup with some questionable meat included!

Vietnam 2008-09 (280).JPG

Stay Tuned for the next part in this Vietnam adventure.... The bus ride to Sapa....

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thanks 4 share

Thanks for sharing keep it

great post, beautiful photography, thx for sharing!

Its funny how we purchase things and forget to pay for them.
Beautiful photos...thanks for sharing

Nice photos.. happy & safe journey.. The best time is to spend time with friends..

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I've been to Vietnam this year it was amazing, great memories! Great post and photos! Keep them coming ;) @scooter77
I also write about my travels check it out :)

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This series is definately bringing back some memories for me Scooter. Loved Vietnam.

Oh the memories.........
Love your travel posts dude.
Great work Scotty 😉

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