Aussie’s in the USA - Part 32 - Disney California Adventure Park - Anaheim, California

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Disney California Adventure Park - Anaheim, California

To follow up the post on Disneyland yesterday, today's post features our visit to Disney California Adventure Park. There are two seperate theme parks in the Disneyland resort precinct and you have to visit both when you are there. Disney California Adventure Park seems to have more rides than Disneyland so we hit a lot of them straight off the bat! The California Screamin rollercoaster was excellent. Although the kids were too small for the ride, we tag-teamed to get on and off using FastPasses and didn't have to line up for 1.5 hours like most people did!











The Radiator Springs section of the park is unbelievable. It is modelled on the town from the Cars movies and its life size shops and landscape is done exceptionally.




Thanks for reading the next instalment in our trip around the USA.

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Thanks to @ryivhnn and @bearone for the fantastic footers :)


Fun times, I didn’t know about this second theme park! Love the pictures, looks like you and your family really enjoyed it. Having kids gives you an excuse to enjoy all the kiddie rides too. ;-)

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That roller coaster was one of my favourite rides ever. My son was too little to go on it so my partner got kid duties while I went on it something like 5 times. Thanks for taking me back :)

Disneyland isnt only for kids. Playground for Adults as well. I love it

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