Amazing Amalfi in Italy

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A few years ago our little family went on a short holiday to Amalfi in southern Italy. Today I was going through an old hard drive and found my old photos. I thought i would post and share our adventure.

The only experience I had had previously of Italy was Rome and I was already bowled over with the archaeological marvel's of that city. So this time we spent a night in Rome and the next day for the Eurostar down to the south coast. A hair raising bus journey after that full of hairpin bends and impossibly impressive coastal mountain scenery and we arrived in Amalfi.

Amalfi from the water bus that took us to Capri

On the right in the photo above you can see the approach into the small town itself. The roads leading to Amalfi on the south coast of Italy are exhilirating and terrifying at the same time. Vertiginous drops on one side to the sea and steep mountainside on the other.

Shortly we arrived at our hotel. It's above Amalfi town and to the west of you are looking at it from the sea. The hotel was called the Villa Felice. The staff and hotel itself were incredible.. Below is the entrance.

The views from the terrace were mind blowing. I have never enjoyed walking up to something more

Amalfi town down to the left of our hotel

That's the photos I have uploaded so far. I will dig out more and put them up for the next post


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Nice place! i love Italy.


Me too, it's totally magical!!!

Yes, I certainly liked reading your post, so I up-voted it and am now following you. Looking forward to what else you will find on your hard drive.


I am following you to now, I really liked your Yixian county post, looking forward to reading more! Thank you

Love Italy, such dramatic scenery
look forward to seeing more-following


I have come across loads more and will post! Such stunning scenery, I was so blown away by it!