Nepal Diaries #5 - Sights From A Road Trip Through The Hills

in travel •  10 months ago

City life can be a little hectic, so, we are always on the lookout for any chance we can get to escape it, especially if we can do it to be amidst nature. That's exactly what me and my family did a few weeks ago.

As you might know, Kathmandu is a valley and so, there are hills all around the city and to escape the city life and all the noise and chaos associated with it, you just need to drive for about an hour to get away from it and into the freshness of mother nature.

Today I want to share some beautiful photos of the recent road trip I took with y'all. I am always amazed at the raw beauty of Nepal. If you haven't, you must definitely visit and travel to your heart's content. It really is a paradise on Earth!

















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very nice post @sauravrungta


Nice picture and lovely hills that why I love my contry more then my self❤️❤️😘😘.....
Jay Nepal 🇳🇵


very nice view, i really like photography @sauravrungta.


Thank you :)

Love the hilly terrain... Kathmandu a UNESCO world heritage site and home to the tallest peak in the world. Such a breathtaking scenery..I can feel the cool breeze and the fresh air...ahh. What a lucky family you have @sauravrungta!


Thank you for the kind words :)

Wow,very beautiful picture of the beautiful country nepal.It is very important for every one of us , to stole some time for enjoyment ,and if we enjoy it with nature,it enriches our livings.Thanks for the beautiful share.


That's very true. Thanks :)

I can't look down the cliff like this. Too scared of heights! :P


LOL, I have been habituated to do so since my childhood so it's easy for me :P

wow how long was your trip through the mountains? it looks very beautiful and be nice to take a trip and probably not have cell phone connection and have some true peace.


It took hours and every minute of it was fun :D

I absolutely love the winding road up the mountain. Zig zagging back and forth to facilitate an efficient accent. The pictures of the hilltops in the distance are amazing!! It looks like it would be a wonderful place to visit.


Yeah, the roads were amazing and I had great fun swerving left and right all the time in the car haha!!

शानदार फोटो। I had no idea that Nepal is such a beautiful country. पर सड़क बड़ी घुमावदार और खतरनाक लग रही है। Roads seems very dangerous!


Thank you :) Yes, the roads were dangerous but fun at the same time :)

Khatmandu ia a place I really want to visit, thank for sharing although only through photos


Yes, you should definitely check it out.

Nice pictures of nature , God is truly a great artiste


Thank you. Yes :)