Churches in the island of Santorini (Greece). (Photos by sard@rt)

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The churches of the island of Santorini are the expression of a spontaneous and vernacular architecture.
The large number of churches on the island is perceived immediately and, in fact, the island has over 600 churches and chapels. These are generally very simple white buildings, with no special decorations, at least outside, but it is impossible not to notice these buildings because of their blue domed features that are immediately visible both when they are in the dwelling and when they are isolated in countryside or near the sea.
Charming and characteristic buildings of these churches are an integral part of the island's landscape and the dialogue of these buildings is impressed in the traveler's memory with the blue sky and the clouds.
In the only area of Oia (the most beautiful and characteristic village on the island of Santorini) there are about 70 churches and chapels. The sailors and captains, but especially their parents and relatives, built these little churches as a sign of benevolence towards God who would have protected them during their journeys or as a sign of gratitude for surviving dangerous situations. Because these small churches are privately owned, it is not possible to visit them internally.
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Admiring the silhouettes of these churches during the famous Santorini sunsets is one of the main activities of tourists who, at sunset, find themselves in the scenic spots of Fira and Oia to take their photographs.
Smaller or more important within the inhabited centers, these churches are one of the most impressive memories that give you this wonderful Greek island.


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It's a lot of great posts have given great pictures. Thank you


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Wow these places are stunning , love to be there . White and blue combination are looking great and soothing eyes too.

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I always love the Greek blue colour.. superb images..Thanks for sharing them here.

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The owner of the company I worked- in is a Greek.. I trained his godson who is also from Skiatos, Greece when he was a newbie after his masters in England.. it's been almost 3 years now since I retired and now he is the manager of the company. He used to bring me pics of those orthodox churches and showed me great icons of those churches...

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Thanks for the visit.... :-)


I have one word: wonderful! The colors of Santorini are unique.



Beautiful photos! Are the buildings really that white in person? I was in Germany recently and was struck by how dirty all the building seemed. How do they keep these that brilliant?

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