Cagliari (Italy). My beautiful city. (10 Photo by sard@rt)

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Here are some photos of the city where I live.
Cagliari is the capital city of Sardinia Region (Italy), a beautiful island in the middle of the Mediterranean.
Cagliari has a rich architectural and environmental heritage that I will let you know. Churches, monuments, a beautiful old town but also a beautiful beach, many urban parks and an area of great interest as the park Molentargius where you can admire the famous flamingos.

I love my city!

Cagliari. The Church Cathedral

Cagliari. View of the old town.
Immagine 029.jpg

Cagliari. Sunset on the boats of the port

Cagliari. Poetto Beach and Spanish towers.

Cagliari. View of the old town.
Cagliari 022.jpg

Cagliari. Flamingos

Cagliari. Basilica of N.S. Bonaria

Cagliari. View of the old town.

Cagliari . Molentargius Parck and Poetto Beach

Cagliari. View of the old town.

Thanks for your time!

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I've been there twice! Amazing city and great island aswell. I liked Arbatax and the area around too. Salutti da Madrid!


Ciao @romangt87 me alegro de que mi ciudad le ha gustado! Nosotros, los sardos son los parientes españoles ..... Pero también su ciudad es magnífica como toda España!

So beautiful pictures. Thank u for shearing

This is a beautiful city especially night and sea view

Amazing photos! Such a lovely place to live in! I love Italy, would definitely like to visit and live there for a few months, someday!

Thanks for sharing! Upvoted :)


I agree ....thanks for you comment

Your building images are very beautiful and modern. I comment you only nice pictures.


thanks a lot

It's amazing photos
You did really good job


Thanks so much @slowwalker It's great to share the pictures of the places we live and see. If you are traveling in Europe do not overlook Italy and my Island

Beautiful place. It is awesome to surround with great heritage and history.


I agree @cikxaijen ... my country is rich in history and beauty ...

So nice! I would love to learn to take as good photographs as you do. I also like the awesome landscape.

Italy is such a beautiful, wonderful and amazing place to visit.
How I wish to visit here.
Please follow me at @JoshuaSalang and visit my blogs.

I like you'r post


thanks a lot

I would love to visit your hometown someday! :)

Frend is identical to menorca where I live. Old pond for salt. And the identical architecture. These days I take photos.


Oh, I would love to visit Minorca...

The amazing one of Cagliari, before you post this article, I only know about football team from Italy, Cagliari in Serie A. Is the Stadium close by this place (in photos)?

Amazing city... I would love to visit there once. Followed and upvoted. Do follow me @bindu

There are so many nice places to see in Italy - this one has to be added to my Todo list.

I enjoyed your picture tour very much! I love history and historic places.
Nice photo's!! Following you!
Also, Thank you @slowwalker for resteeming this post!


thanks my friend!i'll take a look at your blog

Looks amazing