Zlatibor - My favorite mountain in Serbia

in #travel3 years ago

This weekend is all about relaxing in nature with my friends and family. And for that reason we decided to go on one of the nicest mountain here in Serbia - Zlatibor.
If you try google Zlatibor on a map it looks far away from Belgrade.

In reality - it's not. We took about 3 hours to get there with a car, although we had a long coffee break somewhere in the middle of our trip.

If you ever have opportunity to see this amazing mountain - I highly suggest to do it.
It is great place to come a give your body and mind total refreshment.

And if you you go there don't forget to try "Zlatiborska lepinja" - it is traditional food in Zlatibor and it's so tasty it will make you wish that there's no other food in the whole world so you could eat only that. :D

And at the end, I'm sharing a few pictures I took while walking around here, I hope you guys like it.


Pozdrav @sanja.jovana! :)
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