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👋 Hey. It’s been a while since I posted anything here. I decided to take a break from Steem and all of my related projects at the end of last year. I’ve been a little out of the loop with all of the recent updates and changes. What did I miss?

Quick update


At the end of last year I was staying in Lofoten Northern Norway. Constant train journeys, tube stations and hostel visits represented the first couple months of 2019 whilst working in London. The search for a new home was a touch agonising but eventually gumtree served up this 91’ Nissan camper. My new home on wheels.

A couple weeks ago I packed up the van heading south for the Port of Dover. Three ferries, 7 countries and 2632 miles later I once again landed back in Lofoten.

Just a quick hello from me and I hope everyone around here is still doing well! Happy Monday.

I’m planning a return to the STEEM eco-system but want to figure out what the best use of my time is here.


Hey hey dude!

I actually saw you on Upwork when I was looking for something else, so I was excited to see you were still rockin' around!

Lots has happened on Steem. @howo's comment is amazing, but we've also got SMT-lite, not from Steemit, but from @steem-engine that allows people to create their own tokens, and/or set up a Steemit copy using their own tokens. It's all pretty amazing.

@steemhunt is still killing it, and they're not far off launching ReviewHunt.

@exhaust is getting closer to launching a new version of their fitness platform, so that's exciting too.

Glad you're back man! Excited to see where you plonk down in both our little eco-system and in real life.

Finding me on Upwork, no way. Surprisingly had a bunch of decent gigs over the winter through Upwork.

steemengine looks pretty cool! I do sometimes worry about too many tokens but if SMT's aren't on the horizon it makes sense for independent teams to pick up torch.

Was awesome to Steemhunt did the ICO and still maintaining a decent price. Hopefully the start of big things with the other platforms on the horizon.

Will take more of a look at exhaust! Still doing some rehab but hoping to ramp training up again out here.

Thanks for the welcome back. How are your projects doing?

Awesome ! What's so amazing about Lofoten to make you come back all the time ? Well, quite a few things happened, at some point some people threatened to fork away steemit's stake which led to a lot of controversy : https://steemit.com/steem/@jesta/the-recent-controversy-between-steemit-inc-and-the-community-the-premine-control-and-where-it-leads-this-blockchain

This led to the idea that some funds should be controlled by the community hence the steem alliance was created, so far nothing has come out of it. they seem to constantly vote on things to decide if they should vote on things. We'll see if anything cool gets done.

steem price is too low so steemit inc decided to put smt on pause while they reduce costs : https://steemit.com/steem/@steemitblog/steemit-engineering-update-mira-split-cost-reductions

Ah also now the wallet is on its separate website.

And most importantly the steem dao : https://steemit.com/steemdao/@blocktrades/update-on-steem-proposal-system-steeem-dao A proposal system where people can get paid for work on the steem blockchain is ready to be merged, soon tm we'll have a hard fork on that

Hey mate. Thanks for the update. Just been trying to process that post from Jesta and the surrounding story! Looks like I missed some heavy stuff.

How has things been going with Steempress?

Thanks mate! Thought you might like it :)

Took a little searching to find a van I wanted but was pretty happy with this find.

yep, i love vans as you know! :)

get out there. best place to be, in transition!

Hey man was admiring your work on finallycomments. It was a real great project man. Other than steem do you develop on other blockchain?

Hey thanks! Appreciate the support. I've not really developed anything for other blockchains. I'm keen to explore other projects though. Do you have any recommendations?

Man I'm thinking bout building steem project but reward interchangeably with eos. Im looking to explore eos.

Looks like a very neat and tidy van👍

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Thanks. Pretty happy with the find and it's already seen plenty of the world. Stoked on the rest of the adventures through the summer.

Fantastic 😁

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Slick van! Been working on converting a 99 Chevy Astro into a camper. Hoping to do some blogging about it soon!

Love your photography! Following for more, if I'm not already!

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