Cycling to Denmark ✌️

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Hey. I’ve been a little quite on here recently, that’s because I’m cycling to my friends house and he happens to live in Denmark.

I left My house near Birmingham On Friday and have made my way down to the South coast. Of course I intended to create more posts/photos/videos but it’s pretty tricky on the bike as i’ve been totally wrecked. Who knew cycling with a bike from the 80s full of stuff would be a challenge ay? Perhaps It might have helped to have been on a decent bike ride since my last cycle trip, but that’s not my style.

So I’ve made it to Bournemouth via a couple places along the way.

Birmingham -> Nailsworth
Naithworth -> Cheddar
Cheddar -> Osmington
Osmington -> Studland
Studland -> Borunemouth

The routes are on Strava if that’s your thing.

If you're keen to see the journey follow my stories on Instagram @sam_billingham


First Night Camping after a very difficult first day


Made it to Cheddar gorge on the 2nd day, I hiked up the gorge for sunset


Osmington along the Dorset coast at the end of day 3


5am start for a hike along the Dorset coast on Monday Morning


Another early start and walk out to Old Harry rocks on Tuesday

Yesterday I made it to Bournmouth! It's incredible how far your legs can take you with a bit of an effort :) Hope everyone is going well and will send more updates asap.

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Amazing trip ! Please send us more pictures, Also I'm very curious as to what you carry with you, a picture of all your stuff would be very interesting :)


Thanks mate, it's been ace so far! Will add post some more photos/videos now I've got into the swing of things a little more. I have way too much stuff haha not home for 2 months and it's very heavy but i'll make a video :)

Great to see you post again. Looking forward to more stories from the road. Have a great trip.

BTW: What tent do you have / can you recommend?


Thanks Jo, I'll try to post a little more now I'm on the road and have got to grips with everything. First 3 days were pretty tough, not leaving much time for anything other than cycling and camping.

I have a "cheap" ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1 tent I got on Amazon (brought in the US). I've had other tents but re-bought this one because I really like it's design. Tents totally depend on what the use-case is, I was planning on buying an MSR one, probably carbon reflex for size/weight but decided to save the $$ and stick with what I already have.