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It’s been 8nights since I slept in a tent. One of the main ideas I notice is that time feels as if it moves faster when you stand still. Cycle touring or perhaps just constant movement/traveling has this way of slowing down time. 8 Nights is the same amount of time I spent cycling from Tromsø to Tangstad yet the two blocks of time feel vasty different.


Arcticcoworking Lodge is center frame to the right of the larger boat

I’m staying at the Arcticcoworking Lodge in Lofoten. So you don't have to look at a map, let me just tell you it's pretty far north, 68.23°N to be more accurate. In April my friend Pete( and I headed out here to shoot a short video about this place being setup. After taking a surf/roadtrip to Lofoten the founders Rolf & Stian knew they had to find a way to stay in Lofoten long term. The answer was to start a business. Inspired by the wave of Digital Nomads and the success of other co-living spaces the Arcticcoworking lodge was born.

What is a co-working/co-living space? A co-working space can be thought of as a shared office space, perhaps with kitchen/chill-out facilities. A co-living space is half hostel, half short-term lets combined shared living spaces. All of this is rolled into one place where people live and work together.

I can’t help but think we will see a rise of co-living in the near future. Perhaps I live in a bubble but it doesn’t make sense to me that everyone needs so much of their own space and buys/owns so many items to fill that space. Can’t we just share some more things? Featured Video by Pete Veale & Sam Billingham

This place is pretty spectacular. It’s 4 miles to Unstad Beach which is known to be Norways top Surfing beach. Almost all of the guests staying at the lodge are surfers. Me? I’m not here to surf, I’m here to hike and run trails which Lofoten also has no shortage of.

Last week I hiked to the top of Haveren peak, which rises from sea level straight up to 808meters. I cycled 12 miles on my bike to get to the start of the trail and this is just one of the many routes that is accessible without even needing a car. I took the drone for a quick flight whilst on the top ridge .


Haveren peak Lofoten - If you look closely you can see me on the ridgeline (bottom left corner)

Saturday I walked out the front of the lodge and into a long run to explore the local area. Running an 18mile lap around the coastline, multiple ridges, trials, peak and coastal paths all within "walking"/running distance. It's a pretty rad place in the world.


Ran straight over the ridge in the top right corner and back over the left hand side on the way home - yes it did nearly break me

While all the hiking/running is incredible I am also here to kick start some projects and gain more focus on which direction I should take. On Sunday I started working on my latest idea. I said quite literally out-loud “it’s a 1 day MVP” and here we are 3 days later, still with work to do. My aim is to launch this new idea tomorrow. While not directly focused on Finally comments it does combine it into the project. I'll drop more info when I have something to show, not my favourite thing to talk about stuff that doesn't exist yet.

✌️be right back with more laptop club 👨🏼‍💻and mountain missions ⛰

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I said quite literally out-loud “it’s a 1 day MVP” and here we are 3 days later, still with work to do.

Could have been me saying this :)


haha I'm sure we're not the only ones. I never learn though, it's always 3x more.

Awesome! beautiful photos.hmmmmm new projects? 😎 nice.


:) Glad you like, this part of the world is spectacular. Hope to share more info asap, working on the landing page right now.

Wow! It looks dreamy! Nature and cold weather are very effective in focusing. The same things are also effective in taking good photos. So I think I can expect more photos and projects from you in the coming days :)


The balance between wanting to get out and hike vs stay in and work on the laptop can be a challenge. Still figuring that part out. Will be sure to post plenty more photos and infos asap 👊

Incredible (and surely inspiring) environment to be immersed in. It's amazing to think that you could be working on a high tech-project while being completely surrounded by extreme nature.

What a world we live in!


Thanks! Yes I like to believe the idea that tech products are created downtown or on large office complexes is over. There are countless examples of remote teams creating great products. I don't think remote is the answer in all situations but I like that it has become a real possibility. It will be interesting to see how far the pendulum swings :)

Nice album, resteemed!


🙏Thanks for the support


Keep up the good work!

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