Ellora caves: rock masterpiece!! Must visit

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Must visit sanctuary hollows, added to the World Heritage list, found just in 30 km from Aurangabad. Beneath you will locate my own understanding of our one day excursion to Ellora Caves. I am sad for my photographs, they are not as amazing as this place seems to be, but rather trust me you will love if visit it.

We burned through 5 hours in Elllora holes, it is huge and great complex. The most noteworthy is surrender number 16 called Kailasa Temple, that stands amidst the complex. I can scarcely envision how individuals in eighth century, utilizing just mallet and etch made such a showstopper from the strong shake.


Elephants of Kailasa Temple

Display cut from strong shake around Kailasa Temple

Finest carvings of Kailasa Temple

Inside Kailasa Temple

The uniqueness of Ellora complex is that it houses three sorts of hollows - hindu holes, buddhist holes and jain caverns. Jain caverns were shut amid our visit.


Hindu hollows (on the left of Kailasa Temple, holes from 13 to 29) are designed with segments and distinctive cut pictures of Hindu Gods. A few hollows are huge with second and even third floors!

Hindu Cave with carvings

View over hindu sanctuary with consecrated bovine in the middle

Buddhist holes appeared to be more rich with all the more fine carvings. They are on the privilege from Kailasa Temple (holes from 1 to 12). A few caverns are enhanced all things considered, give in number 10 is most noteworthy with huge statue of Buddha.

Buddhist Cave

There is an eatery close access to Ellora hollows and a considerable measure of slows down with road sustenance in the event that you come hungry. There is no nourishment accessible once you enter the holes, however the water is as yet accessible inside the complex. 3.JPG

Extra charge is 500 Rupees(8$) for outsiders and 30 Rupees for hindu individuals.

Timings: 6AM to 5:30PM, shut each Tuesday.

The most effective method to arrive

We got to Ellora gives in by open transport. You ought to go to the focal transport station in Aurangabad and request a transport to Ellora. Transports are regular and you will most likely sit tight for 10-15 minutes until the point that the transport come. We were the main vacationer there sitting tight for the transport, yet the transport was full with local people. I have figured out how to have a sit, however my companion remain in the transport with a significant number of different travelers. We were fortunate that it takes just a hour to achieve Ellora. Ticket for people in general transport from Aurangabad to Ellora costs 60 Rupee for every individual one way and is sold on load up.

We returned by the sort of indian minibus, a long jeep, he halted close us while we were sitting tight for the transport. Cost for the jeep is higher - 100 Rupees. Jeep will take different travelers in transit (generally substantially more than it can suit, there were four of us on the two front seats). Be that as it may, it was a piece of our amusing excursion :)

On the off chance that you need more agreeable method for getting to the hollows you ought to request the taxi or tuk tuks. Each lodging offers taxi. We met one man on the transport station who offered us a visit to ajanta and ellora hollows, together with Bibi ka Maqabara and Daulatabad fortress for 3000 Rupees (45$) per auto. He had new agreeable suzuki auto and an affable driver - it is a decent choice, however we needed something more brave.

Where to live

Aurangabad is a decent base for going by Ellora caverns, this city can offer assortment of inns and eateries. We have lived in lodging Pearls and suggest it a ton! More data you can get in my article about Bibi Ka Maqbara (little Taj Mahal), situated in Aurangabad.

Additionally a day trek to Ajanta hollows is conceivable from Aurangabad, you will discover more helpful data about Ajanta holes and my own assessment what complex is better here.

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