Whitby Pubs

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While visiting Whitby, North Yorkshire we visited a few Public Houses from a vast choice. Whitby had the most ale houses per capita in England at one time.


This one was built in 1681 and looks like it. I bet quite a few fishermen have told a tale in there.


The Board Inn was built in 1742 and traditionally sold Ale.


The Duke of York looks quite modern but is 150 years old and on the site, of an original Ale house dating back 1000 years. The pier behind the pub is possibly the oldest remaining in England and dates from 600AD.


The Buck Inn. I could find very little history around this pub.


The Ship Inn was built early in the 1800s and is a very small fisherman's pub.


The Old Smuggler's Cafe was once The Old Ship Launch Inn. Famous for receiving smuggled good in the middle 1700s.


The Mucky Duck is over 300 years old.


The Whitby Way is a Grade II listed building.


Built in the late 18th Century on the site of what is thought, a 12th Century Castle.


Now famous for starting the Whitby Gothic Festival in 1994.


Possibly named after Captain Cook's second ship in 1770, which before being re-named 'The Resolution' was a collier called the Marques of Granby and built like Cook's first ship The Endeavour in Whitby.


Abbey Wharf is a very new venue opening in 2015, serving drinks and food in what was once the Burberry Clothes Factory.

Photos are my own


I really love the architecture of these buildings, they seems to come from a tale! Wonderful shots!

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