Basil's Restaurant, the Marriot Ranch Hotel Polokwane

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Basil's Restaurant, the Marriot Ranch Hotel Polokwane

My wife and I decided to take a trip to the Limpopo province of South Africa for the weekend. We decided to sleep in the Marriot Ranch Hotel in the town of Polokwane in South-Africa. As we departed on our 250 km trip just after work on Friday afternoon, we arrived just in time for dinner. In the photo above you can see the two of us enjoying a glass of wine. (It seems that I am going soft, no beer drinking only wine!!)
We ordered a nice bottle of Swartland Merlot of 2016 vintage.
The avocado ritz pictured below was the starter of choice, it was delicious!!
For the main dish we ordered the Flambe Lamb Neck. The meat was flambeed right at our table. The waiter did the work himself!! The neck was de-boned and each of us got a half of the neck.
Below you can see the meat going up in flames - great!! This gives a complete new meaning to flame grilled!!
Below you can see the finished product, with some mash potatoes added.
We need to eat healthy, thus we added some good and wholesome veggies!! The food was fantastic, the neck was soft and tender and the rest of the food was delicious.
While we were on the the flambe, we decided the flambeed cherries and ice-cream would be great for desert!! Below is our waiter busy with our desert.
I just had to post the photo below as well, just look at the flames!!
Below you can see the final product - absolutely amazing!!
The photo below shows a bit more of the dining room area of the hotel, it seems as if the flambe was quite a hit on the evening!!
Below you can see a part of the lounge / bar area of the hotel.
The statue below looks a bit like the Johnny Walker man.
The photo below shows my wife walking in the reception area of the hotel, note the Lion in the back ground. They also have a game reserve on the premises, and they also have lions, this particular lion died of lymphatic cancer.
The pool area of the hotel is just beautiful!!
We enjoyed our stay at the Ranch Hotel a lot, the staff was amazing and very friendly. The food was great and the room was perfect, this was the start of a great relaxing weekend.

I hope you liked my posts as much as I enjoyed taking the photos!!

All photos were taken by my with my iPhone, at my parents home, in Pretoria, South-Africa.


Wow it seems to be another great experience! I like what Waiter did there! it's fresh and hot!


Everything looks very nice!

Wow... really a great place for stay-cation and I really like the flames!

you enjoy your best moment of basil,s resturant.specially you are a good couple in the world.really nice place selecting for time spending.this hotel place just excellent and your showing all meal very delicious.its looks very tasty and yammy.i hope that,you enjoy your day with your wife and good flavour beer.just cheers..i wish you all the best. obviously thanks to know for your great support and alots of encourage my steemit work.i know you help my work everyday.because a good friend being a friend very early success in the future..i want you stayed my sides and support my work everytime. very well done..take care yourself and best of luck of your great work.may god bless dear friend..@rynow

Amazing idea of the photography
Enjoyed this moment @rynow brother
Well done you and your wife very beautiful photographi

Awesome photography dear.

It's time to joy........have a great time.

Happy time.... hoping it's great moment!

Lovely dinner, this wine and snacks are excellent! Thank you @rynow

Taking some fast with beloved is sometimes divinely. Nice photography.

Yes, it was great.

Very beautiful photos, especially liked the hotel itself. Looking at you, I understand that you are a very friendly loving family. I wish you a pleasant holiday. Thank you for sharing.

Thank you so much.

Hermosa matrimonio.. Dios los bendiga! Buen amigo rynow! Siempre lo recuerdo. Saludos y bendiciones

Muchas gracias por el buen comentario.

A fine restaurant @rynow, wonderful wine and fine food, relax in a restaurant, it's great!

Cheers up dear......happy momnent


what a moment!!!
very nice!
thanks for sharing

amazing photography...the hill looking so beautiful.....i waiting for your next post..

it looks like you had a great time there.

Yes, we enjoyed ourselves a lot.

A great holiday, these dishes and wine on your photos are simply delicious! Thank you @rynow

wow fantastic food i like this food...

Looking lovely my good wishes for you
I am paying for you you all always happy

wonderful beer photography. very testy strawberry flabour. thanks for sharing

Excellent food and beer photography. Thank you for sharing with us

Excellent food and
Beer photography. Thank you
For sharing with us

                 - bigbosstear

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Excellent photography. Life is a fun : really your photography is awesome. I like your post. Thank you for sharing with us "
Have a good day

Thank you for the nice comment.

What a great event with such an awesome atmosphere and decoration! Cheeses and biscuits are my fav! Also, I like the color of the wine.

Wow! cheers up dear...

the menu was nicely served and the dishes looks so interesting and yummy wow
just delicious
have a nice day

Thank you very much.

wow.... amazing week end.... nice photography

You are having a great time thanks a lot for sharing.

You are having a great time thanks a lot for sharing.

Wow wonderful party.
Thanks @rynow
Have a great day

Great to watch all these pictures and yes it's truly reflecting as great time spend and waiter was preparing everything artistically and it's really unique that he was preparing every stuff openly and that gives an view how all stuff is done. Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

Yes, it was really great.

Good to hear that. 🙂

Awesome photography of delicious foods @rynow. Hotel Ranch is so amazing. The fountain looks brilliant.
Wish you a very happy holiday.

Thanks for sharing this post.

Have a glorious day! 🤗💙

Thank you so much.

Amazing photo.Thanks for sharing it

You both are so cool thanks a lot for sharing.

both have beautiful pair. In which he looks very lovely

Beautiful my dear friend

wow... nice hotel.. thank you sharing with us

Love this amazing couple. Stay happy and blessed always.

Thank you.

you were right, more wine! Looks like a cool place though and you had a great meal

Yes, the food and the place was great!!

@rynow, Such a glorious location both of you enjoyed with some wines and delicious foods. Just perfect moment.

Yes, it was amazing.

Can you help me by upvoting me i always comments and resteem your every post

Thank you.

A beautiful place for a beautiful evening, I love the place it looks very clean very beautiful everything, those flames to roast the meat is something different and the food in general I see it very delisious
I congratulate you as a couple because they come out of the routine that is what sometimes ends with marriages
All very beautiful thank you for sharing it with me

Thank you, we enjoyed this short break a lot!!

amazing post @rynow

This is great this hotel.
The great gastronomy.
It's good that you enjoyed it.
Blessings, beautiful photos.

Yes, I loved the hotel!

wow that is amazing post @rynow


Wow nice place and great photography
100% like and resteem

wow excellent article & photography

wonderful post. cheers

wow... happy week end... nice photos @rynow

Wow Wonderful photography

wow... nice hotel and your photos.. have a nice day @rynow

Wow cool time you had with Swartland Merlot and the food looks on fire hahah that's amazing :D

This is amazing thanks a lot for sharing.

This is so cool.thanks a lot dear.

What a beautiful moment you and wife spend at night time in restaurant. Like as romantic moment.

This is amazing you guys had a great fun.

Yes, we enjoyed it a lot.

Ambiance is looking great. Lamb neck seems to be delicious and taking vege as a appetizer is a great option

Yes, everything was great.

nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice pics & photos


Cool one looking both prety

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Supper fantastic photography
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