Country #2 - Canada, Vancouver Part 1/2

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Vancouver - Canada

What an incredible place Canada is! Even though i did not explore to much of the large country, i fell in love with the place straight away. I flew from Hawaii to Vancouver on a night time flight. I was lucky enough that the tour i had booked for the day i arrived offered to pick me up from the airport (how nice is that). Had a tour of the city and learnt alot of interesting things about the Vancouver.

I went on a bike ride around Stanley Park and took this snap of Lions Gate Bridge (Interesting fact, built in 1938 to provide access to the north shore of the city, by the Guinness family who own Guinness the beer. They paid $6mil for the construction of the bridge. After construction they installed toll booths on the bridge to collect there money back. By 1952, they had made there $6mil back, and then in 1955, sold the bridge to the government for $6mil)

Vistied the Bloedel Floral Conservatory which had an array of flora and different birds from around the world

Had a great day at Capilano Suspension Bridge, it has a high suspension bridge over a river VERY HIGH up, a bridge that goes out from the rock face of a cliff which is in the photo and lots of other high walks up in the tree tops and some nice trail below

Very interested fact i would of never known

A photo i took of Cleveland Dam which was built in 1954

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So glad to call this place my home, I was just at Stanley Park yesterday for an amazing picnic!

This is just great. How many countries are using that same design bridge eheheh 😂😂 didn't know that Canada had one as well.

Brilliant photos looks amazing!

Beautiful view and great photos. :D Are these photos taken by you?

Yes, all photos I will be posting are taken by me on my Sony a6000 :)

Wow that would be scary on that bridge