BRUGES - Discover one of the most fabulous cities in Belgium!

in travel •  6 months ago

Summer is back and with the summer time, the time to explore the country.
I don't know what about you, but I love being a tourist in my home country !

Bruges looks like a living painting. If there were no tourists in the street we couldn't believe that we are in the XXI century !

Let's walk through the alleys alongside the canals and discover together one of the most visited city in my country, Belgium !

If you have the time and the chance, take a boat to explore the city from another angle of view!

The city is sooo romantic ! Don't you think it look like a bit of Amsterdam or Venice ?






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Je comprends pas l'anglais mais une image vaut milles mots comme on dit , les photos parlent d'elles-mêmes , c'est absolument magnifique wowww j'adore !!!!


J’y ai été quand j’étais ado et c’était vraiment beau. Si tu y vas un jour, tu peux faire le tour de la ville en bateau.


Génial ! Merci pour l'info ;)

For some people who love challenges, it's fun and even much more fun with a stunning atmosphere, thanks for sharing @roxane

Great city I only passed thru it on the bus to Amsterdam but next rip I will be checking it out

Brugge is one of my favorite cities in Europe. I think it has its own vibe, rather than being similar to Venice.

Anyway, I really had good time there, especially after having an exhausting time in Brussels.

Aaah, I got some good memories in Bruges! Great to see it through your eyes too.

I have also visited it. A great city!

(乂ღ˘⌣˘)ノMerci pour le partage quelle belle ville !

Oh I have been to Brugge several times many Eons ago. It is one of my favorite towns in Europe, not least for its flaire, its wondeefully preserved architecture but also for its people and, yep, high octane beer. Love Brugge.

Nice to discover this place through you blog post incredible shots you have shared