Canada's Amazing Freezing Hair Contest

in travel •  last year

Some people prefer to lay on the beach under the hot sun and occasionally jump in the water to chill. Other people prefer the opposite, they thrive under freezing conditions. Canadians are amazing and wacky people, and here I present another proof. Every February the Takhini Hot Pools host their Hair Freezing Contest. Visitor dunks their hair in hot water (40° C) and lets​ it freeze in the chilly air, sometimes dropping to -30 celsius​. Contestants mold their​ hair style as it freezes.

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Hahahaha this is great, I lived in Canada for 14 years and never heard of this. Thanks for sharing

Amazing! I need to start growing my hair

Haha, no. By the time my hair freezes like that I'd already be dead.


The water is hot. You will like it :)

Great posting @rossenpavlov! Thank you.


Steem on!



Looks like good times.

It's amazing for me who living in tropical country. Nice !