Soon it will be Chinese New Year

in travel •  17 days ago

Everyone is so busy buying these days to prepare for this coming week to celebrate chinese new year.

I see people like robots queuing up for this and that to get their business done.

There is no smile on their face.

What is all this rush?

And why can't people just enjoy a quiet celebration without all the fuss.

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It's the world nowadays. We are all being pushed by the society to do things better than others and to be spectacular. Everyone must be prepared and be ready to cook the most delicious dinner and to make sure that there is nothing missing at home.

Celebrating days like this is unfortunately not anymore about being with your loved one and spending quality time together but it's about being perfect in what society believe perfection is.

I wish you a Happy Chinese New Year full of moments with you family and friends that you will never forget! :)

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