My dream was only one click away

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I felt it was the moment! The one-way ticket from Poland to Mexico I was looking for cost around 300 euros. It will not get much cheaper than that (I thought)! Let's buy it! It was my dream - go to Latin America and spend at least half year there. August 2013 - now is the time!

So I filled in all the booking information necessary, name, surname and so on. Payment. Yeap, ready. My dream is just one click away! And....... am I really sure what I am doing? I will be alone, far (and I mean really far away) from my family, home and friends. So many things can go wrong! NO! I must be crazy!!!! .... I turned off my computer and went to bed. I guess I will have to think about another, safer dream....

The fear overtook me. The fear of unknown. The fear of the new... and insecurity...

Fortunately during the night I had time to rethink it all through again. The trip can turn into opportunity! I had been preparing to it for a while. The brave and persistent people make things happen. Let's buy the damn ticket!

So the next morning I filled all the personal details again. Fortunately the price had not changed ;) the last page, confirm the payment, yes! and... transaction failed... tried again - did not work. Mum! Can I use your credit card for a second? Also did not work... Dad! No luck again...

Is it a sign? Does it mean that I am not ment to go? Or is the world testing my persistence? Checking if I really want to go? Verifying my determination?

The card borrowed from my best friend did work. Payment was confirmed. The plane took me about 9000 kilometers away from Poland and my life has not been the same since that moment.

So do you believe in signs that the world is giving you or in persistence? In my opinion, if you have a dream worth realizing, it will not come true on its own. It requires at least effort. Sometimes a lot of energy. So what do you want to do? And how will you persist?

Good luck is not enough. So I would like to wish you persistence and motivation to make IT (whatevet IT is) happen!


Good luck and have a nice journey!

thanks Man! all the best from Mexico! :)

Super, powodzenia! Gratuluję odwagi! ☺ Pomyśl o dodaniu do posta tekstu po polsku, bo pisząc w tagu #polish bez tłumaczenia można dostać flagę.

hej! dzieki za info! hmmm myslisz ze dodanie tlumaczenia na pl na dole posta wystarczy?

Jasne! Wiele osób tak robi :)

Ha, byłaś szybsza :)

Wyręczyłam raz 😁

Widze ze musze na refleksem popracowac ;)