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"There are no impossible things and there are no possible things in this country"

The first time I heard this was in Pakistan. ‘There are no impossible things and there are no possible things!’ I could not understand it. I had no choice but to ask a Pakistani friend again. At first I wanted to ask, 'Is that a sound when a dog eats grass?' But a few days ago, I already saw the dog eating grass in front of Pakistan local restaurant. So I asked "What does that mean?" "In this country, whatever can be done or whatever can not be done." It does not make any difference. But somewhat understandable that the "Or"

Anyway he emphasized “in this country!” I thought Pakistan was the only one country - There are no impossible things and there are no possible things! But People in Nepal, India, China and Laos ..., and even across the sea, people in Bolivia, Peru and Argentina have said the same thing.

"There are no impossible things and there are no possible things in this country"

There were many, too many! The number of stamps on my passport became more and more, the country, which is “There are no impossible things and there are no possible things in this country” became more and more. Eventually, it would seem like the Earth we live on is a planet that is " There are no impossible things and there are no possible things"


Then I went to Cuba. Cuba was called "the only socialism country left on earth" or "the closest country to orthodox socialism". People who have visited Cuba before me called Cuba 'Outer world.' Because Cuba is different from the countries they have experienced in the past. Outer world! I do not know what it is, but my heart was pounding at the thought of something different. I booked a ticket to Havana.

In ' There are no impossible things and there are no possible things in this country', the 'Things ' usually refers to public affairs. But whatever it is, finding out ‘Impossible things’ and ‘Possible things’ is the easiest way to understand a country's social atmosphere. If you keep finding out ‘Impossible things’ and ‘Possible things’, you could draw a rough picture of the country appear.

For example, what if a middle-aged man or woman kisses on a subway train in Japan, okay? What if a employee knocked on the shoulder of the boss and said informally "Did you have a good weekend?" in India? What if you wear clothes for North Korean flag designs in South Korea? What if a massage parlor, a junior high school, a love motel, and a church are located at the same building in your country?.... If you answer 'Yes!' Or 'No!' To those questions, the society is drawn.


Cuba will do the same. The first question is about women who work in mini skirts and fishnet stockings. In Cuba, what if the female police officer worked in short skirts and net stockings?

Is it an absurd question? What is inevitable is that the first cultural shock that a traveler arrives in Cuba is fishnet stockings! Many of the security guards in Cuban Airport are female and most of them are wearing short skirts and fishnet stockings. If the traveler who grew up in the culture of forbidding the use of netting stockings during the recruit interview, if the traveler who has born and raised in the society that the 'fishnet stockings' is directly linked to 'erotic', the traveler say this without know it.

“what is this?”

Not only me, but the Korean women who arrived together also did not shut her mouth. This situation continues even if you leave the airport and enter the city center. Bank ladies who work on net stockings, female offices work on net stockings, female telephone office work on net stockings.... Then, when you watch a police woman walks in a netting stocking, you will realize it, you don't know exactly what it is, but it's in a slightly different world.


What if you wear clothes with American Stars and Stripes in Cuba?

The United States and Cuba were hostile. In 1959, a revolution led by the Castro brothers, Che Guevara and Camilo succeeded, and Cuba and the United States broke off diplomatic ties in 1961. Over the next half century, the United States has embarked on an embargo on Cuba, and Cuba tried to install a nuclear missile and has fiercely opposed to USA. The United States condemned Cuba, and Cuba condemned the United States. So, it would be no different for the U.S. national flag to be worn in Cuba, just like for the North Korea flag to be worn in South Korea.

But In Cuba, Wearing clothes with USA flag is common. Some farmers wear U.S military cap. housewives wear USA flag designs leggings. You can also meet a elderly citizens who wear American sheriffs. What matters is that this atmosphere is not change that has occurred since the recent US-Cuban diplomatic normalization declaration.

Yet Cubans have not softened their anger over the USA's past embargo. But the American flag design dress has not been criticized unlike Korea. "It's just a design, a clothes, a hat, it's a free choice. " As a melting pot of different races and cultures, to the people of Cuba, the flag of a hostile country was invisible.


Even when they ridiculed the dictator and the presidents of the hostile country, they wit. They thanked to Cuban dictator, Batista “Thank for helping us make the revolution! ", to Reagan, "Thank for helping us strengthen the revolution! " to Bush senior, "Thank for helping us consolidate the revolution" to Bush junior, "Thank for helping us make socialism irrevocable"

Fidel Castro has said this a long time ago. "United States will come to talk to us when they have a black president and the world has a Latin American Pope. " Of course, Fidel would have said because there was little possibility of realization. But In November 2008, Barack Obama, US's first black president was elected. The Cuban sparkled, "What is this?" Five years later, Francis, the first Latin American pope was elected. The Cuban grabbed their head and shouted. "Oh, Dios!" (God!) As something unavoidable to cry out for God, Fidel's words became prophetic. Cuba began to change.

Indeed, the Earth is a planet, there are no impossible things and there are no possible things!

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