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Before I start a disclaimer

I'm going to point out here in New York we move around so fast because there is so much to do and see. And sometimes there is conflict but because we have thick skin we don't take it seriously.... And those visiting shouldn't either....With negativity we are like ducks who lets water just roll off their backs.

Its a beautiful state
because besides big cities,
we have a vibrant outdoor and country life
We live the full spectrum in this state.!

Our landscape includes Rolling hills, one of the largest river historic rivers in the country (the hudson) , borders with beaches and ports on the oceans and the great lakes, the Niagara falls.

beautiful forests and wetlands, 2 mountain ranges, a fertile farm land, orchards and a great winery country.

Besides the most State Parks horse racing, race tracks,part of the Appalachian Trail runs through it and the if your into winter sports you can do it all here with have the Catskills and lake placid
Not to forget the 12 major professional sports teams that are here NFL, NHL, NBA, AND MLB.

Over 30,000 restaurants in NYC alone.

100s of golf courses (that's my local public course putting range above Saxon Woods),
and art galleries (an outdoor exhibit at MoMo The Museum of Modern Art)

Add to it The Statue of Liberty, Elias Island, The Cloisters, Grants Tomb, The Empire State Building, The Apollo, Soho, Greenwich village and every ethnic pride community under the sun....

American Revolution Sites & Museums

After seeing our educational system, healthcare and the inclusiveness of ethnic diversity working side by side for a better life, you get more respect for those you previously knew nothing about.

And you may never want to leave. I know I've had a bunch cousins move from kentucky, Indiana, and other states to live here!

My friend Schemi says I need to add Central Park and then we both agreed that this needs to be a weekly blog!
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So lets make a contest of this, Tell me people who have visited here or live here what you think people should check out here.......And I will upvote real submissions....

And give you a mention with greater details in Next Weeks New York blog!


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Been to New York many times, I like the Finger Lakes in the summer time.


ok that means next weeks post has pictures of the finger lakes in it...
They are beautiful.....

I got to check out New York sometime and go up there. I've been to New Orleans, Portsmouth, Destin FL, Orlando. Did go to Carolina, and Tennessee