Waiting time? Just 4 more hours.

in #travel6 years ago (edited)

My happiness unfortunately have to wait.
Everything seemd pretty good. I came to the airport and went do depurtures:


I checked the flight status and it was:on time.
I was pretty excited and happy. And after 20 minutes I found out that my flight to Amsterdam had changed the departure time. We should start about 11.

It was no way that I will catch next plane. I immediately called “KLM royal airlines” and got it fixed. ☺️

They changed my flight. I just have to wait 4 more hours for it. And it will be not KLM anymore 😢

I’ve got the fly ticket to Copenhagen which will be realized by SAS:


Good thing about this situation that I’ve got coupon worth 250 NOK that I can get something to eat.


Bad side? I will spend 4 less hours with my happiness. 😢

But... “even storms will not stop us” ❤️

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