Five Stars for The Sportsnet Grill in Downtown Toronto!

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Air-Conditioned Window Seats for a Blue Jays Game? Bring It On!

Recently, during a visit to Toronto, I had the opportunity to discover what may be the most overlooked venue in all of Ontario when it comes to pro baseball. Imagine my surprise, when meeting for a business lunch, I walked into a large, open space with massive plate glass windows overlooking the Rogers Centre playing field. As the game commenced, I could watch real-time footage on several large screen TVs scattered around the room, hear the announcer clear as day, and watch live action on the field below. All of this in an air-conditioned environment with a bar and dinner menu!

So why wasn’t this place packed, standing room only? I have no idea. The menu prices were in no way prohibitive. The atmosphere was classy, upscale. The view was second to none. Yet the venue was practically empty, operating on game day at only a fraction of its capacity.

I’m talking about Sportsnet Grill inside the Marriott in downtown Toronto. I don’t know the whole story about this place, or the insider scoop. I can just tell you that as an out-of-towner, I thought it was fantastic. I heartily recommend this venue for any sports fan wanting to watch a game live, from a gigantic box seat that has its own bar and kitchen. Five stars from me, meaning I will revisit every chance I get.


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I think that we were lucky to have found the venue as empty as it was... Not sure what it's like on a weekend or when they play a more popular team. Another great experience and at a bargain!

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Five stars from me, meaning I will revisit every chance I get.

Perfect. Got the next visit booked yet?

Wow, looks like a real blast and a very classy place. Fun time. Thanks for sharing @rhondak

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Yeah, it is indeed an awesome little spot hidden away in downtown Toronto. I love finding gems like this one!