Snowboarding in Saanenmöser, Hornberg and Saanersloch

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Hey fellow Steemians
I hope you have a great day!

Let me talk about my Saturday. I decided to go snowboarding since the weather supposed to be great and spoiler alert: it was fantastic as you see in the thumbnail picture.


We got up very early to have an early start on the slope. It is always the best time if you are the first one riding the freshly paved slopes with your sharp snowboard edge. Our journey started with a gondula from Saanenmöser Grund. In the middlestation we changed to a chairlift into the fog.


But as promised by our weather-reporter Sandra Boner (haha) the top of the mountains were just stunning.
I took these pictures in between the same minute.


So we arrived at the very top of the Hornberg and had the pleasure to witness this amazing view. The whole valley was covered in a thick layer of fog and it was really hard to see anything once you entered this foggy sea.


And here you can see the crossingpoint of the foggy and sunny part


We had to drastically reduce our tempo because you couldn't even tell if it's going up or down. After a couple of hundred meters the fog cleared again.
For the first half of the day we tried to stay above the fog because it was just not worth the trouble of being blind on the slopes. Right about lunchtime the weather got better and better and then it was just all blue sky wherever you looked.


In the afternoon we were ready to take a coffee in one of the highest pubs on top of the Saanersloch. It was very warm in the sun and the break was all we needed after some hours of racing downhill.


As you see we were not alone :-)


Even the moon said hello to everybody.
Fantastic view!


This is me right before our last ride downhill which is always the most dangerous one. Most accidents happen on the last slope right when you are running out of power. Maybe because they sell a lot of alcohol in these mountain-pubs too.

I made some videos and timelapses of the gondulas but I'm not good at all in editing so it will take a while if it even gets made in the first place.

Skiing and snowboarding in Saanenmöser is not really cheap but skiing is not cheap everywhere in switzerland. It costs about 60 CHF and 5 CHF as a depot which you will get back. You can choose to get the 5CHF back or take some chocholate or local cheese. Dang is that chocholate sweet :-)
Eating is also expensive so I recommend a simple sandwich to devour while riding uphill in a gondula. Pommes and a burger is about 20CHF

Saanenmöser is a great place to go skiing and snowboarding because it has a lot of easy slopes. Not the ones that feel you are just falling downhill but rather the ones that feel like you are hovering gently downwards with reasonable tempo.
Feel free to ask anything. I know Saanenmöser for more than 23 years now so quite a lot of experience on these slopes!


Thank you very much and if you liked it leave a comment and let me know.

Cheers to all you Steemians!


Credtis Photos: Mimare Photography
Credits Travel Idea: @Road2somewhere
Credits Text: @Rheteric


Nice post, I love to ski!!!

Haha, that comment made more SBD than the article itself😂

Thanks. Me too:)

Wow. Pretty cool day. Good post

Thank you very much. It was a lot of fun!

I really enjoyed reading your blog about your ski amazing trip @rheteric What spectacular photos! My eyes feasted on all that thick white snow and it was easy for me to understand how much fun ski-ing would be. It can also understand that it can be very challenging too. I'm so glad the weather was fine for you and you were able to make the most of every minute. This beautiful selection of photos was such a joy to se and I particularly loved your last capture. It looks like a postcard.....and of course the one with your smiling face in it. You are going to have to put that image in your avatar now. No excuses my Swiss Mate!!!!!

Thanks for the compliments. It was amazing to see the load of snow there on the mountains.
Sadly i took all the pictures just standing. It is annoying disconnetcing from the board all the time.
Yes it is indeed a lot of fun IF there are not that many people. On the first slope I had a small child cruising right in front of me so I fell pretty bad to not hurt him. But that's the risk on the slopes.
Yes I was glad we had this beautiful weather, otherwise I would be blind on the slopes.
Cool that you like them as well as I like them.
That is true it is almost a postcard. but then again everything looks like a postcard when you are on top of the mountain. A friend of me always mocks me by saying I should stop taking oictures of existing postcards :-)
Yeah that of me is a funny one. My hair is completly out of order because of my bonnet.. i'd rather take one as a magician:) but thanks for the suggestion, I should do that in the near future.
Cheers mate!

I hope you don’t take your friends advice and stop taking photos of existing post cards. (Lol) The commercial ones don’t have your watermark on them and besides, your friends are much more interested in seeing beautiful photos like these because they know who took them. Therefore they are more meaningful. And your Steemit friends have the added advantage of getting the photographers first hand knowledge and experience of the area. Keep up the good work and I look forward to catching up again soon. Cheers mate! 🙋🏼‍♀️

No never! I'll continue scouting souvenier shops and taking pictures of their cards. Just kidding. I think so too. It is much better to know who took the picture so they could lead you to the place so you can expierience it first handed!
Yes I'll keep the photos flowing to steemit. Since I don't do it for the money I don't even care if they don't get that much attention. I'm glad you and a handful others liked it!
Yeah I'm looking forward hearing from you too!

That's good to hear my friend, although you can go to the souvenir shops to sell your photos. Wouldn't that be cool?

That would be cool indeed. I even thought about that some time ago. It is just hard to get e connection to the ones that print them:) but I have a lot of postcard worthy pictures:)
That'd be great!

You might want to check out You can sell your work there if you're lucky. I have a website there but haven't managed to sell anything yet. One day maybe.

That's a great tipp, thanks a lot.
Really cool. So you upload your picture and if someone likes to have it as a poster you get a little back? Great principle!