Little Big Trip Chapter 4 – Beginning of da Hike

in #travel4 years ago (edited)

Olá my Esteemed Steemers, how are ya? Hope it’s all well and good, Vamos!


So, after packing our stuff and leaving our lovely hill spot at Santoňa (more in Chapter 3 -, we decided we were feeling well rested and boosted up from all kinds of tapas (All Kinds), the decision was made to head just where the eye can see.

As for that moment, we saw just one more hill, just across the next beach. So, obviously, we scouted the terrain with our special (supposedly Russian) and decided we should cross the hill slightly more inland sided, so we avoid the unneeded detour. You can see the next hill on the panorama photo below, on the left side.

The sativa tokes got the better of us though, cause, after enthusiastic planning of checking out the piece of land, where the ocean meets the lands and make a huge beachy canal, we found ourselves trapped between the piece of ocean and our objective. So, here we go, a 5 kilometer detour of inland boring as fck walk through villages and camps. Nevermind, Vamos!

“Every downside has its upside” said everyone who ever fcked up.

Guess what? Everything has its upsides, indeed. Even this fckin detour. Check out this chilled out stags we encountered on the way.

After finishing the detour, we came to a highway and decided to just hitchhike the rest of the way to Ajo, our finish spot for the day.

Spanish people, at least in the north, seem like a really good folk. Almost everyone we looked at through the car window during hitchhiking, standing next to some car repair depo, was either smiling or reacting in some way trying to apologize and tell us their heading elsewhere. Nevertheless, after about 10 minutes, some guy stopped and instantly took us to Ajo. He seemed really respectful of our trip and enthusiastic about it. Also, when we told him about our plan to visit the Picos del Europa national park, he confirmed the expected beauty of that spot. Vamos!

We finished the day with a really, really cold evening swim in da ocean waves at Ajo, drank a few kaňas and had a delightful bowl. What a day ladies and gentlemen, what a day.

After stumbling in the dark on the cliffs, we found a mysterious pathway leading just straight to da cliffs… we decided to take a nap under the clear sky and head forward the upcoming day, just when the first light breaks. You shall see our morning bedroom view in the next chapter…

Adeo ladies and gentleman, stay true through and through, and don’t let the bullshit get you down and off the course! Vamos!


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