Little-Big Stealth Camping Trip – Chapter 2

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Hey there my Esteemed Steemers, hope you’re all good and kickin ass!

Let us continue the travel blog post series (Chapter 1 here -, this time I’ll walk you through our time spent at the amazing natural spectacle:

Dune de Pilat

After our arrival to Arcachon by train from Bordeaux around 2 P.M., we managed to catch a bus almost instantly and take a ride directly to the beginning of Dune de Pilat.

The weather at this moment could be easily described as a scorching sauna session, but nothing that would make us step back. We did not exactly know where to head from the last bus station, so we decided to just swing it and take a route that we saw in the nearest woods. It eventually took us to the beginning of the dune, which, by this time, was packed with tourists.
As I said before, we wanted to stealth camp and save our budged, so we decided to take out our binoculars and head to the top of the dune to check out the area for potential spots.

After climbing on the top of the dune around 3:30 P.M., the heat was really intense. We had our full gear equipped at that time and honestly felt like crazy bastards among all those lightly dressed tourists. Moreover, we did not have any water left, but there was no other choice then to walk the dune until we find a spot to camp and get water. So off we went, into the scorching desert, with the memory of Wim Hofs desert marathon in our determined minds, which he managed to finish without taking a sip of water.

Breathing heavily and sweating like crazy, we reached the highest peak of the dune, which honestly felt amazing and we totally forgot about things like thirst and the weight on our shoulders. The contrast of the wild jungle-like forest beneath us on the left, stretching as far as the eye can see, and the amazingly azurite sea on the right was an astonishing sight. You won’t see this anywhere else.

A little hike further, we saw a path leading to the forest beneath us. We decided to head down and search for a place to set up our camp. We were walking around the woods, until we reached a back-entry to one of the camps around the dune. The thirst got us all criminal-minded, so we decided to exploit the campsite a bit. After climbing in through a hole in the fence, we found ourselves among the regular campers. So what do we do now? Set up a tent and pretend we belong there, obviously.

The outcome? Nobody noticed shit. Eventually, we stayed there camping for two nights for free. But, because we’re a couple of good folks, we supported the camp by shopping in their market and cafeteria.

Anyways, the two days sleeping and messing around the dune and the sea were amazing. The sight is plainly magnificent, the morning climbs on the dune and the rewarding swims in the sea are unforgettable. You want to swim? You gotta go and sweat your balls climbing, bi*ches. (no offense, you know we love you)

The work-reward mechanism of the dune is amazing. The climb up and down to the sea and back is an amazing workout in and of itself. Super good thing to do right in the morning, combined with some mobility exercises on the beach. Highly recommended!

Anyways, we are really glad we decided to visit this astonishing place and will definitely come back again.

Let the travels continue! It is time for Spain now, let’s see what comes next… Vamos!

**Thank you all for reading, have a blast today and keep grinding. **




Arcachon is one of my favorite places on this planet! A couple years ago I had the chance to enjoy a wonderful week visiting Bordeaux and Lège-Cap-Ferret: a glorious time enjoying nature and eating fresh sea food, wine and cheese every day, it was like paradise. And the photos you took certainly captured some of its beauty: that unique combination of amazing blue sea with golden sand dunes and the forest right next to it. Enjoy! I wish I could teleport there right now...

Also, those huge dunes are quite a nice way to get a workout on your way to the beach, he he... looking forward to your next adventure report!

Hehe nice synchro once again Irime ! amazing place indeed,

thx a lot for comment as always, more reports coming very soon

Looks amazing! Bad ass of you to climb through the fence and camp for free :P is it forbidden to camp outside of the campsites in France? Where in Spain are you headed to?

Heheh thanks a lot !

Yea I think it is although I did not look into it much. In spain you can camp since sundown till sunrise, that's all I need to know for now. North coast of Spain is our next route ! Want to catch as many cool sites there as possible

Okay, sounds nice :) I've been to San Sebastian and Bilbao on the north cost. San Sebastian is a really nice city!

Only Bilbao for us ! San Sebastian perhaps next time :)

Bilbao was nice too! I was there for a festival however, so didn't see that much of the city :P hope you have a awesome time!

Looks beautiful! Wish I was there! Nice photographs!

It is beautiful indeed !

Thank you, cya around !

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