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Because of which the bra is open - the underwear is sometimes known as the house of the heart? Yes, it is such a wonderful event where people have filled it up because one of them is wearing various color lingerie.

cardona Bra fence.png

Tourists gathering crowd to see this scene. Even if they need to open their underwear, they are hanging on the yard.

Such a tragedy is happening in New Otago's Central Otago There is a star fencing around a few kilometers. Which is known as Carradona Bra Fence.

the bra fence began in some unspecified time in the future between christmas 1998 and new year 1999, while four bras have been attached to the cord fence along the street. the unique cause for the bras being attached to the fence is unknown. information spread of the addition, which turned into left on the fence by the nearby landowners, and greater bras commenced to seem. by using the stop of february there were a few 60 bras, however at approximately this time they have been all eliminated anonymously. this changed into suggested in the local press, and the tale gained substantial dissemination through the brand new zealand media, main to extra bras performing.

with the aid of october 2000, the number of bras had reached around 2 hundred, and again the fence became cleared of bras. this time the story unfold even wider, because the fence had come to be to some a quirky tourist attraction, and media sources from as a long way afield as europe became inquisitive about the fence. due to this hobby, the quantity of bras being brought to the fence individually, or sent to be brought, multiplied dramatically. in early 2006, the range of bras attached to the fence stood at near 800.

They celebrate the New Year at Cardrona Hotel, they will open the bra and declare free freedom. The time has increased in the number of people in the number of bra.

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