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RE: Portugal #2 - Why Travel to Portugal? And how to do it.

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Go @brightongreg go!
Your photography is fantastic and this information will be very helpful to many Steemians who will be traveling to Portugal in 5 months.
There is a major Steemit convention planned for November in Lisbon.
It's called Steemfest 2.
For anyone reading this, please check-out:
I have upvoted, followed you and resteemed.
Welcome to Steemit @brightongreg! You have my full support. ;)


Thanks for your advice and support. Hope I can live up to your example of Steemianship - is that a word?

Yes, it is now. LOL!
You have already exceeded any expectations that I had. :)
You are strength for the platform and I am happy you joined us.

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