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in travel •  5 months ago

I guess I am a bit of a masochist as I keep going on planes, places, adventures of the most unrecommended kind. Oh yeah, always thinking that next time, for sure it will be better! easier! more natural.

I am a Bourdain in the making.

I am born not made to travel the earth, to go see things that few people get to - collecting them like postcards, which I actually like to send - and write about it.

I am not myself if I stay too much in the same place.

I am happiest in a new bar, with strangers talking about wee stuff.

I am always ready to just leave everything and hop on. What's the worst that could happen?

Each experience empowers me, enlarges my perception of the world, a new awareness of interconnectivity born out of sheer friction with the strange. Day in, day out, over years, flights, trains, boats, interactions and coffees.

In the words of Sizemore:

I am the ultimate cosmopolitan human, born to live in the 21st century of no borders and separations, a sharing global community of humans open to knowing understanding and loving each other like never before.

I move on, the flight is calling, adventure awaits.

Alas, NO :)

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I would contest the “no borders and separations” part :)


really no borders and separations” part : what meaning?

"I am a Bourdain in the making."

Is this a cry for help?

@razvanelulmarin really any body about you post now...?