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🌍📍Piazza della Scala, Milano, Italia 🇮🇹

   3️⃣ Fun Facts 🤪
  ☀️World renowned through the centuries simply as Leonardo, as a young man he spent much of his time studying in Milan. He would focus for years working on an art piece. In fact ‘The Last Supper’ took him three to complete. However his biggest project was one that no one has ever seen. He was commissioned by the Duke of Milan to create a 16-foot sculpture of the Duke’s father on horseback. Leonardo pegged away at it for 12 years until on one fateful morning in Milan 1499, French forces invaded and shot the clay sculpture, shattering it into pieces.

  💧’The Last Supper’ was not ignored by French forces either that morning and it is a miracle that it still hangs today in Milan. King Louis wanted to cut the painting down and and take it with him but couldn’t. In 1796 French forces returned and hurled rocks at it. And in 1943 Allied forces bombed the area and destroyed the church where the painting was being protected. However, through the rubble, the painting was unharmed.

  🌳Being that he would spend years working on his projects it is no surprise that many of his works were left unfinished when he died in 1519; one of those being the ‘Mona Lisa’.

🍄”As a well-spent day brings happy sleep, so a life well spent brings happy death.”🍄

🍀Leonardo da Vinci

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