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🌍📍Royal Palace of Madrid, Madrid, Spain 🇪🇸

3️⃣ Fun Facts about Madrid, Spain 🤪

☀️Trailing only behind London and Berlin, Madrid is the third largest city in the European Union with over 3.1 million people calling it home.

💧Madrid was not discovered until the year 860 AD. Although the Romans were walking near it’s site in 200 BC, no one had discovered the palm laden land utopia hiding at 700 meters above sea level.

🌳That being said historians have still found traces of the name ‘Madrid’ dating back over 2200 years with it’s true and accurate origins being the topic of some heated debates.

🍄”The Royal Palace was my favorite thing to see in Madrid! Tickets are 10 euros (5 for students), and you can buy them online to avoid the line. The Palace is very beautiful to see. The path walks you through the palace, letting you ogle the grandiose rooms, each different and unique in their own ways. I really enjoyed this because it's a "museum" you can enjoy even without reading everything or having an audio tour. All the history aside, each room was a work of art. Highly recommend.”🍄
🍀Rory M.

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Upvoted. Are you saying the Roman Empire had a city in, at, or around, like Madrid, Spain, around 200 BC, but that it was literally buried with like many feet of not snow but dirt or something? It was like buried and not discovered again until 860 AD, but discovered by Spanish people or who? Very interesting.

Interesting indeed and it’s not alone. But got done reason modern science likes covering up how advanced they were!

@artgirlnyc. Ya it's difficult to really understand what truly happened in our past. We're just at the mercy of what "they" tell us.

Trey cover up everything to fit there narrative

@geneeverett, 100%. Internet has been helping to destroy the monopoly on information flow though.

Best Kept Secret. The More You Know! Life is Amazing That Way. That is Why I Love History So Much. Upvoted.

@joeyarnoldvn. From what I understand there are a couple different theories. One is that the city of Madrid as we know it was not established nor discovered until the 9th century. Another one that seems to have more mounting evidence is that before the 9th century there was a Roman settlement called "Matrice" at the Manzanares River. In the 5th century Germanic Sueves and Vandals and took it over from the Germans and and ruled it until the 8th century. It was then that the Arabs conquered it and changed the name to "Matrice" which later evolved to Madrid. No one is to know for sure but it's an interesting origin story nonetheless!

I like the second theory more, not because I like that kind of thing, but it goes with the overall scope of history. That kind of thing has been happening for many centuries in and around many places, cities, regions, all around the world. So, I believe in the second theory because it is consistent with overall world history. Thanks for commenting. Here is an upvote. Have a lovely day. Oatmeal.

@joeyarnoldvn. Agreed, you the man Oatmeal!

Nice. I should go there some time, I have been only hearing good things about Madrid 😎

looks like a nice tourist town.

@maxboss. One of the best!

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