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🌍📍Somewhere in the Alps, Switzerland 🇨🇭

3️⃣ Fun Facts 🤪

☀️While we’re over here leasing Steem Power, people in Switzerland seem to have set up something more along the lines of Cow Power. This is where a person can in effect lease a cow and while their lease is active they will receive all cheese and milk created by that cow.

💧The Swiss appear to give marriage a little more thought waiting on average until the age of 31.8 for men and 29.5 for women. That is roughly two years longer than their American counterparts.

🌳You can thank a man named Tim Berners for creating the World Wide Web right here in Switzerland.

🍄”Senator John Kerry released his plan today to eliminate the deficit. He said all we have to do is find a really rich country like Switzerland and marry it”🍄

🍀Jay Leno

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Cow power, something that actually has some value. Nice


@barberocaico, Right! 😂

Haha what xD Love the cow lease thingy :P


@cwow2 , That cow powerrr! 😂 Might need to pick up some now some while my crypto is still worth something..


Hahaha ye true xS

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