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Ramengirl Goes to the Original Ichiran


Hey guys! Finally, @ramengirl is in Fukuoka the original home city for Tonkotsu Ramen. So I shouldn't skip the ramen, should I? Ichiran ramen is one of the famous franchise Tonkostu ramen places all over in Japan. The original Ichiran is in Nakasu area in Fukuoka which was right in front of my hotel room.

I had so much Japanese whiskey the night before so it was the best time to have ramen. You guys know that ramen is one of the best food for a hangover, right?



Tada~! This is the original Ichiran shop. It was a pretty big building, but it seems like the whole building was Ichiran.


I choose to take a sit on the first floor. I loved the atmosphere of first :D


Ichiran always gives you the order sheet that you can choose the thickness of soup, noodles, spiciness, garlic, green onion etc. You can check it whatever the flavor you want and give it to the staff.


I ordered Tonkostu ramen and added half boiled eggs and rice :)



Itadakimasu~! Bon appetit!


The soup of Ichiran does not feel greasy or heavy. It was just perfect!! Of course, I ate the whole noodles and also the soup with rice :D Ichiran's original shop open 24 hours a day, so you guys can visit any time.

Ichiran, I want you to come to Korea 😢



After finished the whole bowl of ramen, I got the famous Hakata doughnut right across the Ichiran. Sweet things are always right after salty food, isn't it? :)

Hope you guys have a great weekend! Thank you :D


Ichiran Main Shop

일본 〒810-0801 Fukuoka-ken, Fukuoka-shi, Hakata-ku, Nakasu, 5 Chome−3, 福岡市博多区中洲 5-3-2 2F

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Ichiran is nice! We passed by this HQ at night but didn't went in as we already had Ichiran at another outlet beforehand :)


Ah! I saw a lot of Ichiran in Fukuoka ;D Ichiran was great but I want to try another ramen restaurant next time :D

일본라멘을 안먹어본지가 언제인지..
다시 한번 가서 먹고싶어지네요 ㅎㅎ


@ukk님~ 비수기때 한번 다녀오시죠^^ 부산에서는 후쿠오카가 정말 가까워서 당일치기로 다녀오시는분들도 많으세요!!


맞어요 후쿠오카는 엄청 가깝다보니 ㅎㅎㅎ
후 가려고해도 큰맘먹고 가야되니... ㅎㅎ
한번 시간내서 후에는 갔다오겠습니다

라면 먹고싶네 ^^