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Breakfast Gaiseki in Saigakukan


This is the last day in Saigakukan :)

I had to take the first train in the morning, so I made a reservation for breakfast at 6 o'clock. Even though I woke up really early I didn't feel tired at all, probably because of the hot spring and Kaiseki dinner made me healthy :D



The sun was strong, so they closed the curtains for us.


The first dish was fresh veggie juice with the cute explanation.



Breakfast arranged in perfect order at the time of reservation. Beautiful bowls with neat side dishes. From left, salad with Japanese soy sauce dressing, vegetable juice, Agedashi tofu, salted seaweed, grilled fish, steamed tofu, Tamago-yaki, fish row, dry seaweed, umeboshi, rice, and Miso soup :)


I thought I don't have an appetite because it was early in the morning but... I ate two bowls of white rice and miso soup :D

I wish somebody make breakfast like this every day for me!! Hehe


After finishing a pleasant breakfast, I checked out and headed to Yufuin Station by​ Ryokan bus.

Bye, I'll be back Yufuin!


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the dishes look very nice and even thought this is a very unusual breakfast for a European, it looks tasty ;-)


It's different than the western style of breakfast, right?
I'd say it's healthy​ taste! :D


yes, it is! We often eat muesli with yogurt or milk and fruit. We were quite surprised when we were in China and realised that there, you almost don't eat milk products ;-)

It's so hard to imagine how can they prepare the decent dishes in the early morning...
the point is, it's very decent.
Wait for more on your onsen blogging~!


I want to go to Onsen again!! :(
It's going to be the perfect weather​ for it soon!

I've been eating well these days. Your blog is a great reminder of how important a great diet can be for one's life. Shoutout @ramengirl..


Eating healthy and delicious meals every day is really important to me! :D
Cheers! @kofibeatz

Amazing food...it's make happy....am i right..?


It also makes you painful, right? :(