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Yunotsubo Street in Yufuin

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After two and a half hours of traveling, I finally got to Yufuin. My first plan in Yufu is looking around Yunotsubo Street. I had around two hours before my Ryokan bus is coming to pick me up, so I put my luggage in the coin locker in the station and headed for Yunotsubo.

You can access Yunotsubo Street easily from Yufuin Station, it will take 10-15 minutes. I spent my time almost two hours there but I thought it was enough to look around everything. There are lots of cute little stores and cafe, also a beautiful lake called Kirinko. I recommend you to spend at least 2-3 hours in Yunotsubo.


I headed to ice cream shop in less than 5 minutes after I took off from the train ;)



On the way to Yunotsubo. There are many small shops like this.




Totoro store! The most popular store on Yunotsubo Street. I had to buy this handkerchief that Totoro holding mushroom because it's sooo cute! They had a lot of cute handkerchiefs and it was not expensive. I used this handkerchief really well while traveling. There are many places to sell handkerchiefs in Japan, a lot of them are good quality and affordable price so I recommend you to buy for souvenirs.






The mask shop! Another famous shop in Yunotsubo. Aren't Anpan-man crews mask so cute? 😭😭😭😭


Also, I really recommend you to take parasol with you because there is not much shade on Yunotsubo street and UV is really strong!

Two hours on Yunotsubo went really fast! I set planned to stay in Yufuin for 1 night and 2 days include with the Ryokan, but it felt too short. I thought I would have to spend two nights or three nights if I coming back next time. I thought it'd be amazing if I come when the weather is good like in the spring or autumn, so I could rent a bicycle and look around here and there.


Okay, let's head​ to the Ryokan now :D


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Totoro!!! Thanks for sharing. Enjoyed reading it.


Cute Totoro :D Hehe

Yufuin is really nice. Have fun. 😊


Thank you @joythewanderer I had such a great time there :D

I like to look at the location in your picture so much! I can see the mountain behind there and a lot of cute things if I visit there I would like to buy all of them for sure! ;)


Oh for sure! I wanted to buy every single thing even tho I don't need that haha

Good thing you had that parasol with you. Must protect against the sun. Wouldn't want any freckles coming!


Hahahaha I'm not afraid of sun tho! But... I'm afraid of freckles... 😅

U were going alone?

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토토로 손수건!!
완전 저기는 여자분들이 너무 좋아 할 만한것들만 가득 차있군요^^


@ukk님 맞아요~ 귀여워를 백번은 말하고 나온거 같아요>_<


ㅎㅎ 정말로 너무 좋아하셨을거 같아요 ㅎㅎ

I went Yufuin last year, I loved it.

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@noopu This was my first time visiting Yufu! I definitely​ want to come back again!