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Angra dos Reis is in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A beautiful mirage of 365 islands, Angra dos Reis is a popular getaway for Rio residents, since there are plenty of nice beaches around. If you end up in the town of Angra dos Reis itself, it is quite likely that you are on your way to the popular island Ilha Grande, since Angra is the main port to the island.


Among all of its islands, Ilha Grande stands out. Considered the paradise of adventurers, with its trails, waterfalls and deserted beaches, it played an important role in Brazil’s historical-cultural scenario for having housed a prison for almost 60 years.

In the past, Angra dos Reis was one of the most important ports of the Fluminense coast. Ships loaded with goods docked there from the other side of the world. Slave ships also arrived there with hundreds of slaves to supply forced labor in the coffee plantations of the region.

The place was named “Angra dos Reis”, which means “Creek of the Kings” or loosely – “Anchorage of the Kings”.

Ilha Grande, the largest island in the region, is one of the most sought after diving destinations in Brasil. Shipwrecks, coral reefs, and very rich marine fauna are part of the itinerary for those looking to dive in the green waters of Ilha Grande. The best options are in the quieter side of the island: Acaiá Cave, Meros beach and Island, Gurirí Island and Slap, Palmas Island, Pau a Pino Island, Blue Lagoon, Lagoa Azul, Gruta do Acaiá, Morcego Island, Green Lagoon, Lagoa Verde, Jorge Grego island. The beauty of Ilha Grande is such that it gained the title of one of 7 Wonders of Rio de Janeiro, in 2007.

The island also offers numerous attractions for practicing adventure sports like trekking, canoeing and many trails for those who enjoy exploring the diversity of its beaches. The East tip of Angra has infrastructure of hotels and restaurants, as well as historical buildings such as the Church of the Holy Trinity, the monument to the Aquidabã shipwreck in the Jacuecanga Cove, and Leme Fort.

Along the Contorno road, you will find the Landmark of the City, the Maritime College [Colégio Naval], the Chapel of Senhor do Bonfim and the Church of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios.

Take the opportunity to check out the beautiful beaches, colonial mansions, and the lush flora and fauna of Paraty, a city near Ilha Grande. To the South, there are great resorts to relax and rapids for adventure tourism and diving. In addition to points of interest like the Historic Village of Mambucada, the ruins of the Engenho Central do Bacuí [Central Mill of Bacuí] and the Nuclear Complex.





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Now I say conclusion of Angos dos Reis,Rio and not Brazil because well, I didn’t tell all of Brazil.
Rio de Janerio is a great city to visit, You will be living so close to nature.

There is so much history and therefore so many things to see and do. Even in 2 weeks doing things all day almost every day you will only saw a fraction of what’s available.
You will learn so much about a country/city that I knew next to nothing about before and have an insight in to Brazil history.
The museums, beaches, food and other things all are amazing.
My highlight is definitely the beaches, they were large, they were beautiful and just so much to them!

So go atleast once there and enjoy the beauty of the nature!!!


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