Travel with me on a Carnival cruise!

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I went on a cruise a couple weeks ago to the Bahamas with my sister! It was my first cruise and my first time in the Bahamas. I definitely wasn't disappointed and hope to go on another cruise soon! What surprised me the most was how affordable it can be going to such amazing, tropical places. Everything is paid for ahead of time, including food so its easier to relax and enjoy your vacation.

The first day, we left from Orlando, Florida and celebrated with a drink in the afternoon. The deck of the ship was like a big party. There was a DJ playing music, and people were dancing and laughing. Everyone was having a good time, but it was a little chilly since we weren't too far south yet. We happened to be having a cold streak in on the east coast. But I was just happy it was in the 60s instead of -5 like it was in Pittsburgh! Despite the weather, some people were going in the swimming pools scattered around the deck of the ship, eager to get their vacation started


Traveling overnight, the boat brought us to Nassau, Bahamas. We went to bed while we were in Florida and woke up in the Bahamas! It was basically like magic and my new favorite way to travel! We had planned a private boat ride with snorkeling, but unfortunately it was rainy and got cancelled. We had fun exploring Nassau and Atlantis instead!

This was right outside the port that the ship anchored at. You can tell the water would've been a bit rough for our boat ride.

My sister and I were very impressed with the Atlantis resort. While it is a 5 star hotel; it doubles as a waterpark and aquarium. You can swim with dolphins and sea rays or just relax at one of their many private beaches.


While it was cloudy and the ocean was rough, it was still warm out and we still had a great time!


That night, we traveled once again almost by magic and ended up at Princess Cays in the Bahamas. This is an island that Carnival Cruise line owns. We got lucky this time and had great weather. It was sunny and we spent the day swimming in the clear blue water and drinking pina coladas on the beach. There were palm trees everywhere and lots of lounge chairs set up so everyone had one to relax and soak in the sun.



These adorable huts were available to rent for extremely hot days when you just had to get a break from the sun and heat. Luckily, it was the perfect temperature for us!


I only wish we could have stayed in the Bahamas longer! I'm excited to go on another cruise as soon as I can get the time off from work. Next time I'm going to pray to the rain gods to hold off during my vacation though!!



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