Everywhere I Go, They Say Masks Are Mandatory, Yet I Haven’t Worn One Once.....

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Ya This Is How I Roll In The Matrix, Even Mega Corps.

I Don’t Like The Bankers or The Fed, Letting Them Know What I Think.

Out & about today & making some donations along the way.

I don’t go out often, but when I do I always give away food, clothing or something. Have some more good food to giveaway today also, for anyone who wants to come by and pick up.

Let me know if you want to come by for you or someone you know.

If we all helped each other there would be no problems unsolved. More important now than ever.

Everywhere I Go I Give Away Free Sustainable Food
For a decade now I have been cultivating an abundant sustainable eco system that by now has fed hundreds of thousands of free meals.

Because of this long term commitment and success we now have natural grocers around the metroplex that donate high quality food they have excess of because they know we help so many people sustainably.

Be it our epic parties where we feed everyone 5 course mouthgasms, to homeless people on the street or single mothers and their children needing food and shelter.

On the rare occasion I go to someone else’s house or event I always bring boxes of food to share with people.

Food is one of the most important parts of the human experience and we should live in a world with a healthy, sustainable and delicious abundance of it for all.

Anything is possible with vision, commitment and hard work.

Be the change you wish to see in the world, live the life you wish to live~*~

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