Waterfalls of Valencia

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After our stop at Tierra Alta, per recommendation from the motorbike driver- We headed to the waterfall called Pulangbato, (Which translated into English means, 'Red Rock'. This waterfall and sulfur springs are situated in Ocoy Valley in the town of Valencia which is approximately 25 minutes away from Tierra Alta. If you are coming from Dumaguete proper, it would take at least an hour.

travel valencia.jpg

@bonjovey and I hopped on our driver's bike and enjoyed the cool and fresh air we aren't always used to receiving in Cebu City. If I had known that Valencia was so beautiful and clean. Free of an industry- I am sure I would have convinced my boyfriend years ago, to relocate there with me. Most of the time that we want to go out, we dread the traffic here- And so we end up staying in more often than we would like. In Dumaguete, and the surrounding towns there are a lot of colleges, but as for large employers, the biggest companies exist in Manila or Cebu.

A few months ago I was reading an article about how the Philippines is now taking over as the BPO center of the world, which was previously held by India. If I had to guess, it would be because of the English accent, and a fairly comparable salary range.

Heading towards the falls and hot springs, my head was on a swivel. Everywhere here was so lusciously green and clean. The air wasn't so thick as it is in Cebu City, and the people everywhere seem much more friendly and eager to help with directions. I guess when one lives in an environment that is free from traffic and pollution, as well as crowds in every shop and restaurant- It is easier to live happily, free from the stresses that come with the city life. And this is why my dream is to own a country house, with a few acres of land- Not terribly far from a major city, but distant enough to see more animals than people :)


After about 10 minutes into our trip, our driver tapped me on the leg to point to the right side of the road, where there was a big cliff that was smoking. I yelled excitedly to ask him to stop, as I never saw something like this before. At first, I thought it was the clouds- Or maybe even mist from a local waterfall. Actually, this steam comes from the springs in the area. Unlike the hot springs we were going to, this area had a strong sulfuric smell; Which if you aren't familiar, smells quite a bit like rotten eggs! According to our driver, there was a small volcanic eruption about four years ago but the destroyed fence that you can see in the photo was due to the recent typhoon.


The first waterfall was named 'Pulangbato Falls', and although it wasn't massive, it is a beautiful display of nature. I always wonder how this water continues to fall, 24/7 365 without running dry. I realize it comes from the rain in the mountains, but still- Wow! The water here was clean enough to drink but too cold to enjoy swimming in :). When I say cold, I would only guess that it was 70 degrees or so, but for us Filipinos, this may as well be Antarctica. (The average temperature here is about 85 degrees, and 90% humidity).

1st photo.jpg

The entrance fee to see the falls up close, and to swim in it was just 50 Pesos ($1 USD). I never mind paying fees to visit state parks, as I know there is a lot of upkeep and security to pay. A lot of these funds go directly to the individual sites, which allows them to be preserved for many generations to come.


The photo above is the another waterfall in the same area but a smaller one. After about a half an hour of taking some photos and people watching at Pulangbato falls, @bonjovey and I decided to head to the hot springs. Since we took tons of photos and weren't going swimming, and also getting hungry again- We packed up our things and had our driver bring us to Red Rock. At the waterfall, there was a small snack bar, but the menu was limited and our driver told us there was more food available at the hot spring, which was just 5 minutes away.


These springs are heated geothermally from the earth's crust and didn't have too much of a sulfur scent as some I have been to previously. The hot springs here are of a temperature not too hot to enjoy, and when we went there were only about 10-15 other people visiting at this time; And only half that many were in the water.


We were hoping to get our lunch here but they didn't have their Chef on duty so we ended up buying a bunch of bananas at 3 pesos each (0.057$). We felt bad for our driver because since it was well past lunch and he was taxiing around and having to be our photographer for two needy girls for the past few hours . We headed back to the town to grab some lunch and we found Naspri Bistro along the way, it was a quite place that served decent food for a fair price but I didn't expect much from it.

After we finished eating, we talked to Jing-jing (our driver) and he told us an even bigger waterfall that was about an hour from the restaurant. Bigger? Why didn't he take us to this one first? I guess he was trying to save the best for last. At this point, me and @bonjovey were full and a bit tired but we didn't want to miss out on what could be the highlight of our trip especially since we may never come to Negros again.

When I mentioned going to the falls to one of my friends who previously visited Dumaguete a while back, she told me that Valencia is technically not part of Dumaguete City, but rather a different town in Negros Oriental. Now, this made me stop and I looked at my previous blog- Tiera Alta where I included Dumaguete on the title. So I'd like to take this chance to correct that Tiera Alta is in Valencia since I cannot make any changes in that blog (grinning face).

The road heading up to this second fall was steeper compared to Pulangbato, and it made the motorbike's engine sound strange with ticking noises. I was a bit scared to be honest, because I wasn't sure if we were going to make it to the top. Jing-jing (our driver) enthusiastically told us not to worry because he's been driving the same motorbike and to him, it's always an adventure going up the hill. Mainly, I was worried about having to walk if the bike overheat :)


We finally got to our destination after about an hour but it didn't end the excitement since we had a long downhill, rocky hike to get to the waterfall. Our driver parked his motorbike and ask a guide to take us to the waterfall so we wouldn't get lost. We paid just 10 pesos each for the entrance fee, and 50 pesos each (1$) for the local tour guide. Many people don't think the guide is necessary, but @bonjovey and I had our bags with us with some important documents (My passport renewal papers), so we didn't want to take the chance of losing it- even though the driver was really nice it's always better to be on the safe side.


The trail to the fall was challenging and exciting because we had to go through this enormous 335+ steps to hike down (And on the return, back up :( ) and through some river beds. I am sure this is why our driver didn't join us- He knew it was a heck of trek especially hiking back (sneaky! haha).

There were some vast rocks as big as whalebacks and broken paths that would have made our trail even more difficult without the tour guide's help. I wish I was prepared for this kind of adventure so I would have brought the right clothing, and shoes lol! The original plan was that we were going to change our clothes (since we were both wearing pants) once we get to the fall so we can go swimming this time hence we didn't get the chance to swim at the first waterfall or the hot springs. Even before we got to the fall we had to change our clothes because we had to cross some streams that lead the path the fall and we didn't want to bring heavy wet clothes with us, and we didn't have any ziplock bags.


Another good thing about getting the tour guide was that he showed us the right pathway and which stones to step on because a some of the rocks were slippery. I noticed a collapsed bridge and our tour guide said that it was a man-made trail to the waterfall but it was recently destroyed by a typhoon. I was laughing at my friend @bonjovey because she was second-guessing our guide when he kept saying “we are almost there” for the last 20 minutes.


Finally, after about 35 minutes which I happen to get an eyeful on my wristwatch, we reached the thundering vertical steep drop called Casaroro Falls. Even though @bonjovey and I were not able to go swimming because of the coldness of the water, we enjoyed splashing water at each other and it to me, it was well worth the effort to visit this majestic waterfall!

We paid 1000 pesos (20$) to our driver even though he only asked for 700 pesos, he was really nice and had a pleasing personality.

If you happen to plan a visit to Dumaguete I would recommend to also visit the town of Valencia and explore nature at it's best. Also, feel free to contact Jing-jing at +639367929244, he'll be happy to show you around and please extend my regards! ;)

This here ends my trip to Dumaguete and Valencia, I hope you all find this helpful and a fun read. Till next time!



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Fantastical place! I wanna go there

such a fantastic view. It looks like a painting. Do you know the highest waterfall in the world is in Argentina.


No, the highest is in Venezuela, called the Angel falls.


that is true, the highest waterfall in the world is the "Salto Angel" located in Venezuela and discovered by an American pilot.


Yea that’s what I thought.


In the world? I didn't know that oh that was awesome.


Angel Falls! Spot on @manny80 !


Thank you sir.


Here are some awesome pictures I found of the Angel Falls or Salto Angel.



Gilaine, would you do this off of the waterfall?? :P


I did this off of a waterfall! But it was only 60 feet, not 200. Still, I was nervous and my knees were shaky so I didn't jump out far enough. Everyone said I just barely missed hitting the rocks. Oh well...I made it! My butt hurt for like a week though after that haha


Waaaahh!! Oh no thank you for the offer, geeezz that's insane! haha

Wow! It couldn't be better. It's a good decision to get a tour guide so you don't have to worry about finding your way. It's an amazing trip! It's more fun in the Philippines.


I definitely need to visit there next year 👍 I'm following you

Hi @purepinay,
I have posted a recipe, especially because you said you want to see my next recipe because you want to prepare for your partner. You can have a look at my profile. It is about how to make Mexican Rice. Hope you like it.

Magical place 😍


So romantic :D

I love your post about Valencia


This' not in Spain @josteem 😅


?! 😊


@purepinay's article is not in Spain :) It's a town in the PH :)

But yeah names can be confusing at times.


Yeah hahaha .... photos also can be lol
Edited ✅😂


I agree hahaha


😂 When I first looked at it I thought that it might be Spain, but then I remembered that Philippines was also a Spanish colony. We have a Valencia in Venezuela too.


Hahaha exactly. So @josteem wasnt entirely wrong 😌


I didn’t know that before ... nice new info. Thanks 🙏🏼


sorry, I should have included Philipines in the title hehe


You still have time to do the editing for the title 😉


Don't worry :) Whoever truly reads the article will know what you're talking about.


yeah that's true lol it's obvious from just a few sentences


Hello @purepinay, this is such a lovely sight. You captured every moment very well. i still remember few details about the pulangbato;

Pulangbato Falls is located in the Ocoy Valley in the town of Valencia Negros OrientalIt is aptly named so because of the waterfall’s seemingly red river water which is caused by the presence of natural reddish rocks found in the area. Pula is the native word for red while bato, for rock. Thus, if interpreted, the name would be red rock just as you have described.
Like many other waterfalls, swimming lagoons and pools in the town of Valencia, Pulangbato Falls is blessed with calm and refreshing waters. This is mainly because of Valencia’s geography – 60% of its land composition being hilly and mountainous – that the climatic temperature is always moderate to cool.
Pulangbato Falls has a wide cascade. The water pours down into a swimming hole that is also deep enough for high dives. Enthusiasts clamber up to a nearby rock that functions as a diving point and free fall into the water basin. The shape of Pulangbato Falls has been considered unique because of its layered structure. At the first tier, the cascade begins narrowly and widens progressively as it moves down the next levels. At a distance, the waterfalls look triangular in shape.


Did you really just copy and paste this article? lmao


Hahahaha, I was wondering why this comment would be upvoted to the top. Spent really like 30 minutes wondering in the back of my mind why it happened. Now that I check, you upvoted it yourself :PPP You mischievous little thing.

But in the end I agree with you, I love it too. :) So many nice pictures and a great and joyful narration that fills everyone with her enjoyment.

Wow! It couldn't be higher. it's an awesome selection to get a excursion guide so that you do not ought to worry approximately locating your way. it's an exquisite journey! it is greater amusing inside the Philippines.


Would you like to see my bunghole?

What a wonderful place to visit! The waterfalls are amazing.

That is a great place! I have seen many videos from vloggers on YouTube that have been there. Looks like you had fun!


Thank you, Mark! I've seen a lot of foreigners in Valencia, even Rob's uncle moved there because he likes small province. :) Yes it's always fun to see new places. How are you? When are you going to visit the Philippines?


I'm doing good. I'm not sure when I can visit the Philippines. I am spending all my money on going to visit my daughter in Oregon and things like that. I have to go see my grandchildren as much as I can. I'm going again in a few weeks. I wish I could come now while you are there. When are you leaving the PH?


I see... Well it's good that you travel to see your family and spend some quality time with them.
We don't have the exact month yet, Rob wants to leave as early as April but it's not easy to get all the paperwork done it's really stressful too and we have to sell and get rid lot of stuff that we bring with us.

Beautiful pictures. Looks like it was an exciting adventure.

It's good that there is such a beautiful nature on our planet!

Enjoy your trips!

“Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow.”
― Anita Desai

Wow!Kahusay ngadto te, pumarigo kamu ni jovy?


Waray kayataghom! Haha mga kandingon haha


Kaupay ngada. Nakaabot na ako dida sa Pulang bato tapos hot spring 4 years ago ada yun! haha
oyyy si @bonjovey murag nag catwalk sa sapa hehe :D

Mindblowing places.. Beautiful natural sceneries. fantastic photography, excellent description of each & every photo you clicked along your journey.

@Jackorobin & I have plans to visit Phillippines someday (definitely when we make ourselves that much deserving to meet another steemian who's especially my/our inspiration). Till then we'd have to communicate through each other's blog post and comments.

I'm not at all going into the nitty-gritty of your detailed descriptive post. It's the best as always.

What I am basically trying to do here is to make a note of all the places you have mentioned in this blog or the blogs you have posted earlier. Few names to remember are mainly Pulangbato Falls, Casaroro Falls, Tierra Alta (Valencia), Dumaguete.

Just to ask you one thing. Would you be our tour guide when we get to the Phillippines.. I'd beg your pardon If I was rude or too direct to ask you this.. Frankly speaking, I don't know anyone but you from the Phillippines. I also know that we don't have that much connection to ask you for such a favour. You could straightway say no.

But, one thing is for sure If I/we come to visit the Phillippines, I/we would not miss out meeting you at any cost.


Hi, @knowkrish! Thank you for dropping by. It's nice to know you guys considered visiting the Philippines. I really hope you get the opportunity.

Thank you for asking me to be your tour guide, I wouldn't mind however, I don't know how long I will in the Philippines since me and partner will be moving abroad this year :) don't worry though the Philippines is safe to travel and you'll find a lot of people, hopefully some steemians to show you around ^_-

Tracking waterfalls was one of the most fun things I did while I was travelling in Thailand. Just all the effort you need to make to get to those places makes it fun to do.

And at the end you can enjoy the view and swim in and arround the waterfall to clean yourself up after that long road!

I enjoyed the read, wish I could travel as much as you do! Keep it up! :)


You track waterfalls? that's cool! I've been to Thailand but my visit was mostly for shopping and food ;)

thank you for taking the time to read.

Btw, beautiful write up on your recent blog, keep up the good work and don't lose motivation!


Hahah no I dont track them. But your blog reminded me on my experience back in thailand. I was truly mesmorizing. Can imagine that you have a lot of fun in your travels.

And thanks for reading my recent post! ;)

Such a beautiful article it is! Seems like your trip was super fun, it is very kind of you that you paid the driver some extra money. I am gonna save some money and visit the town too.

@purepinay you really had fun here, i think its still not late to convince your boyfriend to relocate to valencia. Perhaps you both could make future plans.

Meanwhile you really had a nice time here, now am jealous, hahaha, well its been a while i heard from you and so nice to hear from you again.

Your pictures are so cool. Wow!

Please get me something on your way back.


Yours truly loved


don't be jealous, the world is massive and there are a lot of places to visit, you just have to start exploring ;)

oh, I got a pastry I bought, one of the best tasting and popular dessert in town, called silvanas ;)

nc view talaga po pala ng pinupuntahan nyu po....try nyu po dito sa mindanao polomolok south cotabato area po may cave po dito na maganda rin ang view tsaka ma.eexcite ka po sa dadaanan kc medyu mabato..ako po magiging tour guide nyu in case.


hello, sarah! kamusta? hindi pa ko nakapunta ng mindanao pero I hope to visit someday. Thank you for the offer to be my tour guide, that's really nice of you. Cge if ever mag visit ako, I'll give you a headsup.

Btw, welcome to steemit! I'll see you around ^_-


thanks a lot po

See! It doesn't need to visit other country to see wonderful places like this. We have plenty of natural resources to hunt here in our own territory. Love your pics @purepinay 😙


haha I love this, thank you, dear! hope you are enjoying your time here in steemit. Kudos on your progress, you are doing great, keep investing in yourself! I'll see you around ^_-

Wow... I love the way you include so much in your blog post. It was really nice to read it all and see the photos. It was more than just a story for me.. I felt like I just went on an adventure. :)


it actually took me almost two weeks to finish this blog lol sometimes I go overboard with my story, trying to fit everything that happened during my trip. ;)

I appreciate your time visiting my blog. How are things going on with you?


I wrote a blog post tonight dedicated to your hard work

I'd be honored if you visit it and consider re-steeming it if you approve.

Thanks again.



you sure did a great description of the story, can only imagine all the fun you had.

What are the other experience you had while there? did you make new friends? what about the food there or you were fasting? lol


Valencia is a beautiful place, you show it with your pictures, have always wanted to take some pics around water falls, will start pushing myself to travel more. Feels good, that experience of travelling to such beautiful places.
Best photography. You weekend was full of experiences.


thank you, @tesaganetown, how are you?

I took the photos using my google pixel 2 phone ;)


Am fine, thank you @purepinay ,your pixel 2 really takes good photos, i have heard people talk about it being good in photography. Such pictures make me want to travel, i had began doing some promo-steem journeys, for the start it's giving me some nice experiences of new environments. Need to take more pictures too..lol


Don't let your dreams be dreams! Go there and take pictures :O Just... do it.

really these places insist for FUN

Your post is always helpful and its really fun to read it @purepinay . Looks like you are having a great time traveling . :) Take care always and may god bless you in all your trips .^^


thank you for taking time to read my blog, Joan. How are you doing? What have you been up to lately?


Your most welcome :) I'm doing fine how about you ? :) hmmm I have been hanging out with my friends recently and work . Same routine but so far its fun :)


hi dear friend @purepinay
very good travel and awesome photography
i'm very miss you dear
please come my blog and chack my condition
Without you, I'm untenable,,,,


O.O That's a smartphone? It takes such beautiful pictures! It reminds me of an old DSLR I used to have. Such a technological wonder.


yes it is ^_- I use google pixel 2 ;)

Hey @purepinay! What a beautiful place you have visited. I would love to travel to anyplace with waterfalls, they are very calming. I wanted to let you know that I gave you a shout-out in one of my older post. I did a course here on Steemit called #dolphinschool and the post was for my first assignment. I've been trying to catch one of your post early on so that hopefully you would be able to see my comment so I could tell you about it. I finally got you early enough! Here it is if you want to check it out. :) I'm already looking forward to your next post!



hi there, @magicalmoonlight!

Thank you for the shout-out, that's nice of you ^_- Sure, I'll check it now. Thank you for dropping by. ;)

Thank you, writing takes time so the next post might take a little bit longer if I don't away my gadgets and start working on my next blog ;)


Thanks a lot for the article, I am honestly grateful for it, I didn't know how many people I can inspire here. Sometimes, people think it's all about the money but the recognition I get makes me feel more appreciated. So, thanks a lot and I hope for everyone's success here!


You're very welcome. You deserve more recognition than what I gave you! Thank you, for all of the wonderful content you provide Steemit and the inspiration you give others. You are right, it shouldn't be complelty about the money although you deserve every penny that you recieve :) I hope you have a safe and fun filled weekend!

Waterfall PulangBato or "Red Rock" is very beautiful and far from the pollution, I really want to go there sometime

It looks like an amazing journey, especially when you visit new places :D

I loved your pics, and I wish you can share with us some landscape images with phone or using a drone.
That will be amazing.

Thanks a lot for sharing your journey with us :)

wonderful photographs. Your blogging style is amazing

hi gil,

for our support on your blog
our group steemitdavao upvoted your post...

we are so happy to see your blog..

thanks for sharing this wonderful place..

i love it.

Thats really awesome .

great pictures)

The place looks like a great place for some rest and recuperation. Great photos.

@purepinay thanks for the support. Ill be in Pinas for a short trip. Ill write articles about it if i can get connected to internet.

The pictures are amazing and beautiful

I think you had a good sleep after this trip :)

That's definitely the perfect place to relax

Thanks for share this great wonder, this place looks truly awesome and would visit someday for the experience of a life time,, all the best on your journey

Tempat yang indah

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wow very beautiful place, i hope i can also visit that place soon

This amazing place, I'm want someday I'm stay here with my couple, thank @purepinay amazing sharing

Wow! What a beautiful set of views. Beautiful city Valencia. I love especially the view at the Casaroro Falls. That closeness to nature is a deep feeling of safety, of peace and love.

Nice one @purepinay. I'm sure you had a nice time.

Been here except the Casaroro falls! I think I missed 50% of the trip! 😭😭😭 I shall return!

I was similarly confused! I thought you were describing a trip to a place in Spain. Should have paid closer attention. Excellent trip report!

ya postingan kamu bagus,. tapi agak mengecewakan, karena itu hal yang umum terjadi, sorry kamu jangan kecewa sama komentar saya, saya akan mengikuti anda, untuk melihat postingan lain kamu tetap semangat sahabat

Funnnnnnnnnn! When are you coming to Nigeria? I would gladly be your tour guide for free! It would be amazing and promises to be exciting.

Love this place! Have you been to Balinsasayao Twin Lakes yet?

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i loved it yu have made such a good post so be like this amazing place loved it keep it up

travel to this world and special on this part of earth at time in philippines. I love u my dear u are always awesome. @purepinay u are always awesome on your posts.

Hello Gilaine! I just recently wrote about my experience in Dumaguete, inspire by your post. ^^ unfortunately because of time constraints we only went to Apo Island.
Then I came across pulang bato with from my research ^^ it's one of my favourites. ^^

I want to go there. Its a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing this place in steemit @purepinay. Galing galing. Haha ganda talaga ng Pinas.

Nice post ... I like @purepinay

These pictures are so good that I kind of kept looking for so long. Have a nice trip.

I was lucky enough to see some gorgeous water falls as a kid whenI lived in Hawaii....... Love water falls....

Valencia looks so beautiful


This is indeed a wonderful piece of work written by you..
It made me felt like i was there .......thumbs up dearie

Beautiful photos. Philippines have lovely nature!

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Nice post Gilaine. Such a beautiful place to visit. The water look so enticing. Wish I could take a dip..it so hot here today in Borneo. Xoxo

Such a nice place ate.. I didn't know dumaguete has something that beautiful nature to offer.. Thank you for sharing..

I love the steps photo it reminds me of walking to waterfalls in Thailand but you have to duck under the low overhanging branches or walk over a rickety bridge and hobble over any boulders to get a decent shot of the waterfall.

It's really amazing! I'd love to go there someday 😍❤

i also love travelling.i like & waiting for your post.

@upvote & @resteem done @purepinay



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Thank You! ⚜

Why if it isn't a pure joy coming out of this story!

These springs are heated geothermally from the earth's crust and didn't have too much of a sulfur scent as some I have been to previously.

See, it takes a lot of travel and appreciation of what you see, feel, and snapshot to make comparisons around the world. To me it is like a step two of the travel digest itself, which you are able to do instantly.
Thanks for sharing with us :)

Ang ganda ng place lalo pang gumanda sa shots mo, really its more fun in the philippines proud pinay😊

Thanks for sharing i will done upvote I always see your post. And follow you

Gusto kong pumunta dyan sis 😊😊😊

Wow nice place and view i always like waterfall and i hope one day visited waterfall or travelling to world

Wonderful place, the green of the vegetation is intense and the crystalline water, besides thermal waters with sulfur that surely are medicinal, as they say in my Country. And as you say in less populated cities you can enjoy life more, there is more time for strolls and breathe cleaner air. Thank you for the beautiful photos and lovely description of Valencia.

Waw, the valencia trip. I not too interested tripping but I like the trip and Valencia scenery.

this is ridiculous in beauty and a true spectacle. You have seen the other side. Adding to travel list now.

I really like your photos

Excellent post keep posting this great content really enjoyed that the pictures are all beautiful 👌😎👍 I'm following you 👍

nice place hope to experience that in the future lol

@purepinay I am actually in Dumaguete City right now, I am also exploring the natural wonders of the Negros Island. This place is so amazing and a lot of beautiful places to explore! It is my go-to place every time I feel down and just wants to relax away from the crowded city. For me, Valencia is like a little Baguio City since it is quite and a bit cold place. I Been to Pulang Bato and the Red Rock Hot Spring,too. I can just imagine the struggles of your trekking in going to Casaroro Falls, but there is this hidden beauty "The Original Casaroro Falls" (according to natives there), I and my friends went there, it is actually very steep but worth the trek. ;)
Enjoy and be safe! I am looking forward to see more your travel post26855900_10211431633446701_662189196_n.jpg

I remember the first time I went on a hike to a waterfall here in Trinidad (Paria Falls), it took maybe two hours through the mountains, it was not easy at all but the end result was great. I remember our tour guide saying that we're almost there too, that went on for an hour but that trick worked to keep us motivated! I must say, I like the Casaroro Falls more, looks a lot bigger than the one I went to and doesn't look like it smells like rotten eggs as the first one did🙊 Great post as always, looking forward to what your next adventure would be!

Wow .this is quite beautifull

Wow, truly breathtaking nature you have there in Philippines! :)

Very nice pictures and post. Voted and Will follo you.

Wow...this is way much fun. When am i joining you on this smooth ride? Haha. I love the way you are free and expressive in your attitude. I love your lively and honest nature. More of it.

hi know my name akarim is from indonesia aceh i just joined in steemit please help follow and upvote me thank you regards to know all its

It's nice to see you enjoy yourself while travelling in the Philippines. I am planning to head over in Dumaguete as well for my passport. Hopefully, I can go there if I have spare time. I will make sure to reach Jing Jing as well haha lol

Wow miss beautiful picture
Beautiful views
You are very blessed To have that journey i m just get fond of marvelous
Have a safe journey God bless you


thank you ;)


How beautiful girl😍😍😍💘

a beautiful place. your hobby travel? I think you're a great woman @purepinay


yes it is one of my hobbies, I love to travel ;)


@purepinay in indonesia also have good place. have you ever gone to Indonesia?

photography and beautiful scenery comrades.

Thank you for sharing this very detailed information. It really helps us in our next travel plan...

All pic are very nice

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Thank you very much

Super nice falls! Hope I cam visit that places. Nice picture:)

wow! it seems wonderful trip, Philippine is very beautiful place to visit through out the year

Hi Gilaine! :) next time, u might want to spend more than 5 minutes free writing and slapping a few low-res pics on it.

j/k :P i actually noticed that ur pics are very good quality and i dig that little steemit logo/ur name stamp in the corner..

just make sure to buy a few HECTARES , not ACRES since u are now in the philippines, so use the proper measurement terminology.


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What is your point actually? To set your business on steemit? or just generally use steemit instead of other platforms?


There is no point other than Steemit being a perfect business model for those who know how to exploit the apparent vulnerability of the system, provided you have the capital however.


I totally agree

Posts amazingly beautiful. Guides know he's where a nice and interesting to enjoy. I recommend you go on vacation to Aceh. precisely in Sabang

this beautiful place @purepinay. Regards from @launglilawangsa