A Night Market in Thailand

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Ever since I first went to Thailand a few years back, I've been clamoring to revisit the Chatuchak weekend market in Bangkok. So when my boyfriend told me we were taking another vacation to Thailand, I was thrilled. I could reunite with the chocolate and nut covered frozen banana on a stick that hasn't left my mind, (or my taste buds).

banana thailand.png

Then I saw the itinerary. Only One short night in Bangkok! How disappointing!

I was able to forgive him when he showed me the photos of the Airbnb we would be staying at in Pattaya, and he did promise me to take me to comparable markets while we were there.

Comparable? Not even close. However, I know he was trying his best to make me happy despite him not feeling too well.


In Pattaya, there is a weekend market called the Thepprasit Market. It's the biggest in the area, but no Chatuchak for sure. And sadly, no bananas!!!

This is where I bought as many 'pasalubongs' as I could fit in my small new suitcase (his gift to me for my birthday).

night market.png

The food here wasnt the best I've had in Thailand, but there was a great selection compared to our tiny markets in Cebu!

All in all, this trip was beautiful. Plenty of pool time, and a lot of shopping in the Central Festival mall. One issue we had, was that our Airbnb was so far away, and Ubers had a heck of a time finding our exact location. So, we were limited to where we could go, as nothing was within walking distance.


Next time we go to Thailand, I'll surely be in charge of the itinerary. No more excuses from him to starve me of my dreamy desserts!



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I'm happy to see you backkkkk!
misssss you!!!


how are you, sis! My sister and I are hanging out at a roofdeck right now. ^_-
I wish you are here. I miss you guys!

What have you been up to?

Tell Rob that the women run things in the Philippines. Lol


LOL! how dare he! Ahah


hahaha! it's okay, I had some great memories LOL...

Good thing I made some new awesome friends and my favorite is Mr. Lorax! ^_-

I got to try new ice creams and beers! LOL

How are you? Where's your Loc right now?


Back to reality and the grind in Sydney... Can't wait to pack my bags again. I have to make about 1000 posts for my flight ticket LOL! That will probably land me in Asia. Still in Thailand?


You are in Sydney? OMG I want to scream right now! How come you didn't invite me?

haha I feel you. I have over 2000 photographs of my latest travel to Thailand and over 30 videos! Can you imagine how much space that will takw up my drive? LOL

Am back in Cebu. How about you visit me here instead. The Cebu Steemit Convention has been moved to December and I just started organizing it this month! You should see my face right now, I am grinning! LOL I am doing this alone and I have so much stuff to do! Spell 'ngaragf!' LOL

I hope to meet you soon!

TC always,

  • Gil <3

Were you in Sydney? 2000 photographs is a lot. I probably only took 300. I'm picky with my shots I guess. Not going to Philippines anytime soon. You're doing a great job with the Cebu Steemit. Keep it up and good luck.

See you!


Oh I wish! but no, my cousins are in Australia, not sure which state. I haven't talk to them in a while.

Where is your destination then?

About that Cebu Steemit. To be honest, I can't even give myself a little compliment. I feel like am still crawling like a tiny ant and was just hit by a big storm! LOL It's hard to be a perfectionist. I don't think it's a good thing sometimes.

Thank you though. Hopefully I can pull this through.

Most of the photographs I probably took have duplicates, I have to sort it out soon.

Cute of you both to travel together overseas. Next time when you are in charge, it will be more fun and exciting --and more dreamy desserts too. Yum


Aw! Thank you, Gail! ^_-


So who's steemit life so far? Btw, how long have you been steeming? I remember your first few weeks... You are awesome and still is!

Keep it up! <3


from September I think. I am enjoying it. Woiah! I am glad that you are topping the chart! Im glad to see a kabayan being on top. Makes me want to write more and share too. <3


Glad you are enjoying it here!

Aw! Thank you! there's more to it though. I have been longing to be on the top since I learned about Steemit. LOL

I still feel hype and probably more hype, every night before I fall asleep I have steemit with me. Talk about addiction! LOL

I am happy to know that I inspire others to write. I am still learning though, endless learning.

Thank you for getting back on me. I really appreciate it.

Love, Gil


oh i forgot Gil ka and I am Gail. Yes,yes! A lot of us look forward on your posts about trips. I also feel the same addiction that you have. Everyday you think about of new ways to write and what to write.

@purepinay want to taste the chocolate and nut covered frozen banana seeing the pic. will surely try to visit the chatuchak market. any other must visit places in bangkok ?


OH you have to try it! Pls save me some LOL

I think the BKK Mall, I remember my second visit to Thailand, I love to shop at that mall. I didn't want to go to any ZOOs it kills me knowing how they treat the animals. It's really sad.

Well, talk about other places to visit, depends. Do you travel to see the tourist places or are you traveling mostly for food. If you ask me this, I travel to try new food and shop. LOL

Where you from, btw?


I'm from India. I travel to experience the living style of the country and also to taste the varieties of local food available. saw your profile, following u, you have got some good blog posts.

I envy and I so love how you two look so cute with each other! specially with his birthday greeting for you!
Your travel blog is so beautiful!

I have also such a journey dream with my partner to go to Thailand. Your post and the things you had reminded me my dream trip. I think I had better also be in charge in my journey :)


haha! ladies should always be in charge of the destination, I bet it'll be more fun! LOL

OHH that 'dream trip' =D We all dream of it =) Where are you from?


Sure after your experince I will organise my trip :) :) I am from Turkey.


Hi, Ella! How was your day?

Nice, which part of the globe have you been to?


Dear I have been around 20 countries except Thailand :D

It sounds like you had a pretty good time despite the short time there and no bananas. I've never been to Thailand and I've never had the frozen bananas, but both are things I'd like to do.

Hello purepinay... Thank you for sharing your travel in Thailand. I wish 1 day I could able to travel there and ride the elephant. :)

Congratulations @purepinay!
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@arcange, Thank you for the update! I really appreciate your effort ^_-

I wish you can the convention this December 17, 2017 but, you're an ocean away =(. I'd pay for your ticket if only I am rich hehe! <3

Keep it up! I so happy to see your rank going up! Yeeeeeey! Supporting you all the way!



@purepinay, I also wish I could attend and meet you.
Unfortunately, my December agenda is already overbooked :/
Maybe next time.

Take care!

i miss thailand haha , one of the best is their food :D have you visited the Koh larn in Pattaya too @purepinay? Amazing their view there <3

Thailand, Thai culture has been shaped by many influences, including Indian, Lao, Burmese, Cambodian, and Chinese. Theravada Buddhism, highly practiced in Thailand. This is an awesome place of visit. And thai food is really awesome, Its taste is out of the world

Where is my pasalubong ? ;)


hahaha! this made my day!


You have to meet me this week! I am so burned out staring at blank screens!!!!!! LOL


LIV Super Club this Friday, See ya! It's time to party! Gotta live a LIFE! LOL


ayyyyayay! I'm going to Samar bukas 😂 Sunday pa ako balik. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Dapat magpunta ako kela Jovey today magkaraoke daw, sabi ko next time nalang kc maaga flight ko bukas.

Salamat sa pag share nang mga pictures. Tunay na kagandahan nang purong pilipina. Voted up.


Hi pretty. . This post made me super miss Pattaya. :'(


I miss Pattaya but I miss you more! ^_- aw!


You back in Cebu yet?


Wow! ! You are so sweet as always. I miss you too oi. . Yes. I'm back in Cebu. I hope to see you. . ❤

wooow you have some excellent posts, and you are very beautiful, very good job :)


did you call me beautiful? Aw! Okay, I'll take that as a compliment! LOL

Thank you, Alex! Howdy?

Wow, cool ^^ Thailand is an interesting country.


Yes, it is ^_-

The frozen banana covered with nuts and chocolate on a stick looks really very delicious, I can understand why it hasn't left your mind. Great post about your travel to Thailand. Keep sharing more such post.

upvoted...nice place to share..have a great day..

Nice post, enjoy your travels and wish you always safe trips :-)


Hello, @rye05!

Thank you for dropping by. How's everything?


Hello, I'm doing great :-), thanks for asking, hope you are too kaibigan, I know your event in Cebu will be a blast, looking forward to your stories guys :-)

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I just followed and upvoted you after seeing this <3. Love all the food on your page. I mean I blog about food, so there is some shared love here hahah.


Thank you, @thepinksuitcase!

You are funny. I love it! ^_- Where are you from?


Hahah thank you! My parents are from Vietnam but I grew up in The Netherlands :).

I like your username!! I am also a Filipina. I hope you could also drop by on my account :) I am new here and finding this account made me feel like I found a new friend! :)

Happy holiday
Your photos are beautiful and the market has wonderful things

Upvoted of course!

Enjoyable posting and I wanna try the nut covered frozen banana on a stick cuz it looks yummy! :-)

Thanks for sharing! :-)

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Dear @purepinary
Attractive Article..
Thanks By

hey @purepinay,,,
have a nice trip in Thailand... very very nice in your photo. i sure tasty buds.loving to your blog.


Thank you, Robert! Howdy?


how are you today?> heheh i enjoy watching your live streaming video on fb..have a great day

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.
Nice dear

excellent post nice photos

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wonderfull post
but ı want eat ice-cream in the hands of :))

Enjoy more ! :)

awesome photography....so nice pic & post


thank you, dear!



I enjoyed your post. Interesting the information. We can learn about other culture with pictures and explanations. Thanks for sharing. Upvote and follow. Please visit my blog.

Nice Post! also check my Photography and Travel Blog :)


Nice photo! where is this?

Good post, I am a photographer, it passes for my blog and sees my content, I hope that it should be of your taste, you have my vote :D greetings


Thank you, @sorn1992!

What camera are you using?

i like journey...wonderful travel & photography...thanks for sharing


Thank you!

Must have the desserts Lol.
Great post!
Thanks for sharing and steem on :)


I love the name, @jcsteem!

Thank you for your time. I appreciate it. How are things going with you?

You're back!!! Well you're not back you're posting again! Sometime we girls just have to take over . At least next time you know to pay extra attention to the AirBnb location :)


Howdy momi @bearone! I miss you 😘

LOL yes, so it'll be peaceful sometimes 🤣

Airbnb is cool, I haven't looked up Airbnb in Australia yet, it'll be nice to visit the Queensland ^_-


right on! and sawadee krop to u! :)

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very great post. I love your post.
plz reply my comment.
and upvote my post

Nice, really amazing photos :) This ice-cream looks so delicious, wow. I kind of don't see ones, that are tasty often! Glad to have you back, I'll definitely follow and await for more amazing posts from you :P

Wow god job ^^

Great to meet another traveler

Nice travel! Can you upvote me pls and just like that your cute😍

You got some trouble but also you take some fun there.
that really good @purepinay


hi there! thank you for dropping. Yes, indeed it was fun to see a different place. You too can travel, someday. Steemit is here for you ^_-

What time is it in India?

Would to taste it when we visit thailand.

Wow... Me encantaría visitarlo!

@purepinay... I love to ice cream I love to your post I love to follow you...

if you do visit again you should go to the night train market! its similar to chatuchak but its FILLED with really nice thai street food.