Sulangan Church 💕

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As i drink my coffee I double checked my belongings and make sure that everything is accounted, at 3:00am

In the morning I am still half sleepy but the excitement of our travel to GUIUAN Eastern Samar keeps me going.

Our travel to GUIUAN Eastern Samar from Tacloban City will took us 3 to 4 hours.

It's almost sunrise when we reached San Juanico Bridge, Philippines longest bridge built by then President Ferdinand Marcos joining the two twin island of Samar and Leyte.

The beauty was stunning as the tiny islets surrounding the bridge are already visible almost welcoming travellers as sleepy as the sunrises.

More than an hour since we left Tacloban City we reached the historic town of Balangiga, it is the place where the battle of American Soldiers and Filipino Guerillas took place during the American - Filipino War in which both sides have suffered numerous casualties.

At last for almost four hours travel time, numerous sharp curves and countless zigzag roads we reach our destination, the sign board says it all, "Welcome to GUIUAN Eastern Samar", my mind is already pre occupied, fresh and cheap sea foods, white beaches, surfing and most of all a visit to Sulangan Church also known as Miracle Church.

Thank you guys in advance !! Follow me @prosperity95 and don't forget to upvote and leave a comment :) God bless 💕❤IMG_4848.JPGIMG_4840.JPGIMG_4856.JPGIMG_4943.JPGIMG_4968.JPGIMG_4988.JPGreceived_10214136469141991.png


Wow starfish! Little boracay in maleta have a lots of that also!

i want to visit sulangan,!

nice photo and place to visit.

I like the star fish..

Wow I've never seen a starfish like that before. The ones on our beach is yellow and orange. Nice post

I've been there before and yes one of the best, awesome and beautiful place I've been. And it's found in Guiuan Eastern Samar. Try to visit steemit friends and experience the beatuiful Sulangan of Guiuan Samar.

Never been there! Thank you for touring us around the area :) Upvoted and followed you :)

Nice! Keep it up! Next time use five tags so you could market it to other windows.

What an awesome place @prosperity. Will resteem.

Been there but didnt able to go the beach. Next time will make sure to go to their beach 😊

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