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I recently visited Reverie Social Table in Observatory with an old friend whom I haven't seen in forever. She had told me about Reverie so many times in the past, that when she suggested lunch, my first thought was "REVERIE!"

The restaurant is run effortlessly by Chef Julia Hattingh, who has worked in a few Michelin starred restaurants. It is a small, eclectic spot with one long family style table meant to encourage conversation, hence the name, Social Table. It is a Table D'hote, or Table of the Host, where the host, Chef Julia, specially prepares the evening's meals for the guests attending that night, to be served at her specified time, paired with her wine of choice. I have not yet been for dinner, but I imagine it to be very educational, and quite sublime. It's definitely on my To Do List of Restaurants to Eat at!


I met my friend for lunch, when the restaurant is a much more casual, pared down version of it's elegant evening self.
For lunch, Chef Julia creates a menu of around four dishes, based on a combination of what is seasonably available, and what she is inspired to make. These dishes are only enough for that day's lunch, and the most popular options often run out very quickly.

In the evenings, it's a lot more serious, with a five course meal and wine pairing. The table only seats 18, ensuring the dinner is an intimate affair.


The decor is quirky and cute, but very tasteful. I absolutely loved the small details. If you know me, you will know that I am very attentive to detail. When I see some one else put so much effort into the little things, I am genuinely pleased to see how much pride they take in their establishment.


My friend and I shared the exquisite Charred Aubergine and Naartjie (Clemetine) on Cous Cous Salad, which was just SO good. The pairing of the sweetness of the naartjie and the smoky char on the blackened aubergine was magnificent in its simplicity.

We also shared the earthy Butternut and Biltong soup. Not an usual combination here in SA, but the dish was beyond perfection.


The experience was simply divine, and I cannot wait to return for a five course dinner. The restaurant and chef Julia herself smacked of professionalism, and everything was just perfect. I think it is becoming one of my favourite places to dine.

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Wow!! I didn't know that the Mother City had all these little, quirky restaurants. Awesome!! I won't be in CT long enough to visit them all 😳

We are very foodie orientated, it's one of the reasons I love living here 😘

Definitely a huge plus of staying in Cape Town!!!

I can not wait to visit Cap Town one of these days, looks AMAZING!!!

Yes, my friend, you must come!

Yeah you can come stay by us!!

Love the decor 👌🏻
Would love to give the place a try

Hey lady I updated and resteemed like a boss lol 👨🏻‍🎨

lol upvoted I mean

Updated is good tooo

Oe that looks very nice, very tasteful :D
I bet you and your friend had a pretty good time up there :P


From the Netherlands and a Dallas Mavericks picture, nice! upvoted! from Amsterdam and love the NBA even had season seat of the Raptors when i was living there

lol wut? I thought you were human!

haha sorry i know that was to much, just get excided when i see a other Basketball Fan.
From now on i will be normal again

the post is about a restaurant?

haha I know and love those posts, gyzimo has a profilepicture off a Basketball team thats why i got destracted.
Will focus on food now again

Hehe ok. Seems this basketball stuff has your head in all kinds of places huh?!

Thinking about starting an account about Sports when the season starts again, for now i focus on travels

haha okey :)
I am from Eindhoven. And yeah i have this picture as i use it for my Discord Bot Project. http://curiositybot.tk

I don't really much watch the sport haha i just need a cool logo that looks friendly and inviting and all ^^

And many thanks :D

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Nice pictures. Enjoy yourself

wonderful eye, enjoyed this post <3

Thank you, Battle 😘

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What the [censored] are you eating?

& LOL at the random woman in the shot.

These photographs are so crisp and clear. & the post is brilliant.

Jislaaikit I'm sommer gonna upvote this post ekse!

Thank you Geek. In the pic is the aubergines and naartjue salad.

And the woman is my friend silly

Tell her I'm a real catch.

That sounds nice :) Is it that place on the bend in Kalk Bay opposite Olympia bakery?

No it's in Obz 💓

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Well that's pretty damn cool.

Thank you #teamsouthafrica

I like the pictures, looks very authentic. I would enjoy this kind of setting too :)

Thank you 💓 It was a lovely experience 💓

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This is the type of restaurant I really want to open one day, but we don't have such clientele here in Mauritius! I will make all my guests have their best dinner ever! I hope this become true one day!

Oooh charred eggplant (aubergine, same thing or no?) sounds amazing - smoky roasty eggplant, like baba ganoush, is almost the best way to eat it in my book. It's a tough call between smoky/charred eggplant and eggplant parmesan, italian style.... This place looks perfectly outfitted and you're right about the attention to detail being spot on! Love it :)

It really was such a lovely experience.

I also say AUBERGINE - are you British? Aubergine is one of my favourite veggies 🌺

No I'm straight outta New Jersey, US....almost as far from British as you can get. - but i noticed you called it aubergine and i was thinking it looked like what we call eggplant. What about zucchini though? what do you call that, is it courgette? Tomatoes tomAHtoes right?

Right on all counts 😊 We do say zucchini, but it's not very common. More common than courgette is baby marrow

Baby Marrow!?! What on earth!? I like it - maybe I'll start a new trend here in Washington DC. Just casually throw 'Baby Marrow" into conversations and see if it catches on.

Hehe. We have all kinds of weird names for things. I think our English is very British, but at the same time quite close to New Zealand English

What do you guys call these? We call them patty pans image

Hello princessmewmew (great name!)
I would call those a squash... but see below for more hilarious regional names from wiki!

Btw thank you for your vote on my crypto trading post!
I am following you now for your news from your cloud :D

upvoted and resteemed!

The pattypan squash is also known as scallop squash, peter pan squash, sunburst squash,[2] granny squash, custard marrow, custard squash,[3] ciblème in Cajun French,[4] white squash, button squash, scallopini,[2] or simply "squash" in Australian English, or schwoughksie squash (pronounced "shwooxie squash"), especially if grown in the Poughkeepsie, New York, area.[5]

Hehe! Language is a crazy thing😊