Weed in Las Vegas, Nevada

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It's been a while since I wrote something here. A lot of things has happened since I went AWOL. My sister got married, I broke up with my asshole ex boyfriend, I lost my condominium, I lost my business, and I'm currently backpacking in the US on my 5th month now.

I wanna be back here on Steemit and share whatever's running through my head. Anyways, let's go back to the subject. Today I wanna talk about weed in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Sin City and Marijuana

Vegas is always associated with the word "Casino". Why? Because this town is full of casinos. And they often say, "Sin City" because it's America's playground. 43 million visitors go to Vegas a year to play poker, go to strip clubs, see a concert or show, and smoke weed. Yup Marijuana is legal here. One time, I went to a weed dispensary with my friend. 

I was surprised with the variety of weed products they have there. Some fruit flavored gummy candies, strawberry juice, peanut butter cookies, THC oil, and chocolate bars with weed that you can only eat a small piece like the size of a quarter. If you eat more than that, you will overdose and will have a bad high. 

That happened to my godfather's workers. He is one of the owners of the weed shop in downtown SF, he has some construction workers inside their shop fixing the ceiling and walls. My godfather and his business partners went out to have lunch, when they came back. All the workers were sleeping on the floor. They were shocked when they saw that so they rushed them to the hospital. 

One of my godfather's partner decided to watch the CCTV on the shop. The workers thought the chocolate bars were snacks so they ate the whole thing. They were knocked out. Haha! I thought that was funny so I decided to share it to you guys.

Anyways, this is the peanut butter cookie I ate in Vegas. 

It has 25mg of THC. Since it's my first time trying out edibles, I ate half the cookie in two and ate the other half after 30 minutes when I was not feeling the high. And boy, I was high AF after 2 hours. I was at a pool party with my friends when I had that cookie.

I should've read the label at the back of the package. It says at the back, serving size is 1/3. God dammit! I ate the whole thing! No wonder why I started being friendly and too confident. I was so hhhhiiiiggggghhhh! My gosh! You know the euphoric feeling when you're high? You just wanna hug everybody and say nice things to them like, "I love your hair girl!" even though their hair is really dry.

I was talking to everybody and taking selfies with them. There's this one girl I talked to coz she was recording on Snapchat and I started dancing with her girlfriends. I almost got kick out in their cabana because one of his guy friends doesn't like that me and my friends standing close to their hut. He is a giant African American dude with arms injected with steroids. I said to him, "Oh, do you want us to go?" And he was like, "No you're cool, you're cool."

I told my friends about it and they decided to just go and hang out somewhere else. When the weed hit me harder, I ended up being sleepy and hungry. I forced my friends to eat (even if they're not hungry) to a nearby restaurant inside Hard Rock Hotel & Casino where I finished an enormous burger. 

I read somewhere that weed can make magnify our thoughts and perception. That's why it's not safe to drive or play sports when you're high. Just like alcohol and caffeine, cannabinoids (the active constituents of cannabis) can affect the levels of dopamine in our brain. (Dopamine is a neurotransmitter, a chemical responsible for sending messages between the brain and different nerve cells of the body. It's responsible for many functions, including memory, sleep, mood, pleasurable reward, behavior and cognition.) source

That explains why when you're high, you feel so relax and have a sense of euphoria. 

What about a hit?

I'm not a smoker. I have never been and will never be. But since I've been living in Vegas, smoking pot seems like a normal thing here. Everyone I know smokes weed. Glass pipe, organic paper, electronic cigarette with THC oil, vaporizer, you name it. They have it all. 

One time I was at a house party, I met so many nice people and ended up trying the Pax 3. Dude, I'm telling you. That thing is the bomb. Like I said, I don't smoke. But when I tried that Pax 3, I didn't cough and felt that my lungs were exploited. It was smooth like clouds and I'm not exaggerating. I was high again AF and in euphoria like that peanut butter cookie. 

This time, it was a good high. I didn't overdose on THC. I was just happy and felt so relaxed. I never experience this before. When I go back to my home town (Manila), I will miss Vegas and smoking Pax3. Why? Because Duterte (Philippine president) kills everyone who has weed in their possession. I don't know if you're aware, but where I'm from - people get shot. More stories here. *warning: distressing content*

Anyhoo, that's about it for now. I will write more travel stories in the future. I was thinking of vlogging on Dtube or Youtube since everybody seems like enjoy recording themselves so I might do that as well. I mean, I already compiled a number of short clips of my travels but I just saved it on my laptop and doesn't share it online. I'll think about it.


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I try to. :)

Sorry to hear about your country. Please stay safe would you! Glad to hear you are having fun in America. You should make a Dtube blog! Anyways; happy travels!


Hey Mike! Thanks for your concern. Yeah I'll be safe and I won't bring any weed with me in the Philippines. Have a great day! :)

Props to the hilarious weed-infused story, and your homie in the second to last picture has serious class with the DOOM mask! MF DOOM is legendary

Good luck on your travels!


Hey k0wsk1! You like the Doom mask? Haha! I just borrowed that from the photo booth. It was quite heavy. I'm glad you like my article. Take it easy mate! :)

Hey, good to see you posting again.


Hey hey! Yeah I was super busy the last few months. But I'm back again. Thanks man! :)

I would love un mani lola..nabuhay ka. Mga a_holes hinde karapat dapat bigyan ng time.
Cheer up.