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Living in America for quite sometime now let me appreciate and see the vast difference of living before in a developing country. Here everything is instant, we have the technology to move forward make our work easier. At home, we have washing machines/ dryers to take care of our laundry, dishwashers for our dirty plates, microwave to heat our food, A/C and heat for our house. The comfort of living is here, far from where I grew up with.

On my recent travel, I lived in the province for a few days and observed and practice their usual day to day activities. From time difference and from my body adjusting. I usually fall asleep at 7pm and wake up at 2am Philippine's time. At 4am Ialready hear the rooster cock-a-doodle-do and the chickens cluck-cluck signaling it is daytime.

We have this old "kalan" from Ilokano floored wood stove that we used for a while. We used dried coconut shell,wood,paper and fire to ignite it.
20180218_081039 (1).jpg

While I was there I was some of my clothes by hand which I haven't done for a long time.

Then... drying your clothes through the power of the sun
The sun do its job drying clothes very well.

This are some tasks that I will never forget and grateful that I learned it when I was growing up. Because if technology fails, I have the patience to do basic task to survive.

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I have read your post and I think you are quite right in what you say.
Great reflection
I hope to read more of your posts, and I hope you can read some of mine.


Thanks for reading my post.Yes,it is very important to know the basic,fundamental of doing things to survive. Ill check yours.



Technology makes our life easier. But, going back to basic is also an amazing thing. It makes us make our body more and let us exercise in an unexpected way ;). I am still doing the basics now.

Your post is amazing :)


Yes,always remember the fundamentals!


Yeah :) technology also carries risk :) just like radiation