A treasure in Belgium - Bruges 🏰

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Last weekend I have visited Bruges in Belgium, an absolute treasure in the Flemish region of Belgium. Its medieval city centre is a pleasure to dwell around. I was so lucky to have some cold but good (not rainy!) weather in January, so I could take some nice pictures. Besides a stream of photos, I'll give some tips about the city.

One of the many canals in Bruges, along with some medieval architecture

Breakfast / Lunch

There are a lot of bistro's in Bruges to choose from. Since I had two mornings to spend in Bruges, I have visited two of them, and they were both great. However, the first one is also my favorite!

  • Books & brunch. This lunchroom is a mix between a lunch room and a second hand bookstore. You're surrounded by books, so you can easily grab a book while you sit at your table. When a book is in your interest, you can also buy it for a nice price. Make sure you're hungry when you attend this lunchroom, the portions are huge!

Choose one of the options: read a book or have a conversation with your company

  • Sanseveria Bagelsalon. As the name predicts, you should visit this for a good bagel. The lunchroom is decorated as the home of your grandparents, with plants and wall decorations only your granny could get away with. You can order just a bagel or a more complete breakfast/lunch, whatever you like. It can get crowded at some times, so make sure you're ok with a waiting line to sit at one of the tables.

Do you prefer an Obama or a Merkel tea?

Brewery - De halve maan

Belgium is famous for its fantastic variation of beers, and on the most famous one is Brugse Zot; freely translated as lunatic from Bruges. For a fair price you can visit the brewery for a guided tour and drink a beer afterwards. Make sure you're comfortable with very steep stairs and narrow doorways. The brewery is old, and people were smaller in the past. Nowadays the brewery is placed elsewhere, but it's still very interesting to hear the history of the brewery and the way people were working.

The attic of the old brewery. Yes, that's hop growing on the top!

Tour guide giving a history lesson

After climbing steep stairs you get rewarded with this view

Panorama of Bruges

If you want a panorama of Bruges, make sure you climb the belfry. After 366 steps you will get rewarded with an amazing view. Since there is only space for a limited number of people in the tower, be prepared for some waiting time. Make sure you go early if you mind waiting in line.

IMG_20180114_133908 1.jpg
Panorama on top of the belfry

Gin Tonic

If you like beers, you can eat your heart out in Bruges. The variety of beers is amazing. But how unique is a gin tonic bar in a city where beers are so dominating. In one of the side streets in the city centre is the Brugse Gin Club located, a gin (tonic) bar hosted by a passionate gin lover who can tell everything about one of his 300+ gins. The menu is sorted by alphabet, flavour and country, literally to many to choose from. Thankfully, there are already some favourites sorted. If you fancy a gin (tonic), make sure to attend this bar!

A selection of the gins to choose from

Some more photos

As a finish, just some more photos taken during my trip of the medieval city centre.

A canal with characteristic bridges on top

Only the crane has been built during this century

A mix of medieval and modern society

Those old bridges are perfect spots to take photos from

Thanks for reading


Happy to see that you enjoyed it :-) Studied 3 years in Bruges and especially started to appreciate the less touristy back alleys and the hidden spots lake a small park between buildings only accessible by an alley.

If you liked Bruges you should try Ghent too, the same medieval center but with a young population and a lot of students that make for a lively atmosphere.

Ghent is on my list as well! Would you recommend a visit during the Gentse Feesten? I heard a few good stories about it :-)

Yes and no. Gentse feesten is a lot of fun but the city is really really overcrowded. Best would be to go first to explore the city and go to Gentse feesten a 2nd time to just enjoy without sightseeing :-) Not much fun in sightseeing with a huge hangover ;-)

Ah yes, the atmosphere must be different with a lot of tipsy/drunk people as well.

I like a lot your pictures, also very good looking city i might visit it in the future :) !

Thanks a lot! Yes, very recommended if you like cities with an old city centre :)

Fantastic! Belgium really has some great hidden gems, Bruges is one of them for sure!

Thank you! Yes it is, it was a pleasure to walk around there :)

Wow. So beautiful and rich in culture.
There was a restaurant called 'Cafe Bruge' near my college.
The food was great, with exceptional set of drinks offered.
I wish to visit the real Bruge soon... :)

Nice! Was it food from Belgium really?

Wow - looks like a a magical place. I imagine it'd be great to film movies there.

Actually, there IS a classic filmed there: In Bruges.

Cool - I've got to see it one day. I'll let you know my thoughts when I come around to it.


You're so nice for commenting on this post. For that, I gave you a vote!

Bruges is awesome. Great buildings and canels. I loved the Christmas markets too. Thanks for sharing your experiences

Thanks, the Christmas markets were gone in January ;-)

I love Bruges! I spent a day trip there back in 2013! The whole atomsphere was amazing! I saw the horses and I love seeing people playing music and having a great time! I would definetly go back if I got the chance! Thankyou for sharing it brought back great memories!!:)

Great the hear it reminded you of some good times. Thank you!

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Great post ;)

Thank you!

I always go to Brugge, it's a really amazing place. I loved the tips, the next time I visit the city I will follow them! =)

Thank you! Let me know if you liked them :)

the first pic is nice, amd the few pictures at the end.
the once in the midle are not that special

Well ok, thanks for the feedback ;) Hope you liked the story behind the photos!

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