Day 5 - Feeling a bit better... thinking of the money!

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Day 5 - Fourth day working in Portree

So, I didn't have a very good day yesterday and the previous evening, but today I'm feeling a little better.

The work is still really hard. I woke up at 5:40 this morning to start work for 6:30. After breakfast and rooms cleaned, I stopped at 1 and I'm due back to work in fifteen minutes (trying to write this post in fifteen minutes, challenge accepted!).

My back doesn't hurt as much today, luckily, although my feet are really sore and I'm really tired. But I'm hoping I can stick it out for the summer, I could really do with the money!!

At lunch, I went into Portree again to get some shopping (get something for my dinner tonight) and went for another short walk. I could do with a day where I have a few hours spare, I did have a few today, but I was too tired to go far. But here are some photos...




(These photos are my own, please ask if you'd like to copy/use them!)

The manager is going to try to get me on a tour on Saturday (the company have their own tours as well as hostels - in Inverness - and guest houses), no idea where the tours go, I ask, but no one seems to know! But hopefully I'll get some nice photos then (and with my SLR).

(Sweet, wrote that blog post with 5 minutes to spare!)


So glad to hear you're feeling a bit better and beginning to settle in @penny-rose.

Nice photographs of Portree. Hope you got something tasty for your dinner. 😊

Thank you! :)
Frozen pizza from co-op! Haha! So, no, not really. But hoping to try out a sea food restaurant at some point. :)

What's the food like at the place you are working @penny-rose? Do you get meals there if you want them?

I was thinking that tasty might not be so easy to find in Portree. My partner lived in the Shetlands for a time and there was never much choice there either. 😊

It's a B&B, so I get breakfasts. I'm allowed any cereal I want, and if there is any left over food from cooking, we're allowed to have. I take full advantage of this, saves me buying breakfast. But lunch and dinner, I have to sort myself. I've eaten out once, when I had a decent lunch break.

Well, hopefully, you'll get a bit more organised as time goes on @penny-rose. Maybe you will find some supplies when you go on your trips. 😊

What do the other members of staff do for food?

Other members do the same. They have breakfast here, and then lunch and dinner they cook themselves. I'm hoping to save as much money as possible (although I did buy a book and a couple of postcards the other day!) becauses I'm off to do a Master's Degree in October.

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